Robert Pattinson At Cannes Film Festival (May 19, 2009)

I fell asleep really late last night after all the dramz with the New Moon poster, so now I’m waking up trying to see all the new pictures and video from France. (Robsessed is a great place to see them all) There are a ton, and he looks gorgeous in every freaking one. The picture above is from last night when Rob went out the town (“Off in the night, while you live it up, I’m off to sleep.”) Of course , he is surrounded by security. If you watch a few of the paparazzi videos of him, you understand why. They are like rabid animals.

What the hell is that about? He’s already standing there, looking fine as hell and posing for your pictures. Why do you have to keep shouting, “Ro-bear!, Ro-bear!”over and over to get him to look your way? Chillax!

The pictures from that shoot were taken at the Majestic Pier and here are some of the photos. These are from Robsessed with credit to Pattinsonlife.

I’m so impressed with him. He look so calm and collected (and completely sexual) while they are screaming his name at him to get his attention. I also love the little boat floating by. If I had been on that boat, I bet I could have made the leap from it to the dock. Maybe. I would have at least tried.

Stay tuned for more pictures and video from France in the next few days. Check out the links above to see all the pictures and videos from the day so far.

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