Rob’s Cannes Photoshoot (Video)

To the person constantly screeching, “Ro-bear! Center please! Center please!” all throughout this video? You sir, are a dickhole. 

And what is up with that moment at  1:48? Are they flipping our precious Rob THE BIRD?! WTF, creepy paparazzos? Can’t get him to face you any other way? And then the booing when he has to leave? Horrible.

I will say this though. The man knows how to look fucking sexy as hell, even when a pack of morons are screaming at him and blinding him with flash. If anyone needs me, I will be watching this video over and over with the sound turned down, listening to this song with the video instead. It just made it about 1000 times better.


  1. oh noooo is not normel he has no more pivet time im so sorry for hin

  2. “You sir, are a dickhole. ”


    • That guy is the most annoying guy on the planet, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. […] Ro-bear In Cannes, First Day Wrap Up Rob was spotted many times today at the Cannes Film Festival (can we just start calling this the Rob festival, because that’s all anyone cares about. Who else is even there?), and I decided to wait until the end of the day so I can get it all down in one post. First Rob left his hotel and had the photoshoot I wrote about twice earlier. […]

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