Rob Pattinson In Cannes: Day Two

I wanted to try and keep all this organized, but there is just no way to keep all this in chronological order. It’s like, Rob will go somewhere the first pictures will be released, then like 6 hours later, more pictures from the same event will turn up and it’s just overwhelming. I’m drowning in hot Rob pictures and videos (no one save me!). I will try to do the best I can and keep it as organized as possible.

I’m getting these pictures from anyplace I can find them, these next few are from Twilight Poison.

Ok, so Rob left his hotel this morning, freshly showered. Yummy.

Holy shit, he looks hot here. At first glance, I thought he and that woman (who I think is Stephanie Ritz, his publicist) were holding hands and a part of me died. Then I was extremely giddy to see that they weren’t PLUS he’s wearing the Nikes again! Oh, Rob’s grubby Nikes, how I have missed thee!

 Later he was completely cleaned up and wearing a tux at the red carpet premiere for Inglorious Bastards



(Source) On a totally unrelated note, this picture made me vom in my mouth a little.

To see more of the Rob pictures from today, follow the source links, and go to pretty much any website on our links list to the side. There are so many pictures, I’m not sure if any one place has them all.

As is has been for the past 2 days, more Rob in Cannes on the way.



  1. OMG, i am such a sucker for random links. why do we click links that are described as vomit-inducing, hahaha! i think rob in the 2nd last photo looks like someone else, another actor who pulls similar faces, i just cant think who. but its super cute, no matter what!

    • He is totally gorgeous!

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