Rob Causes Woman To Faint At Cannes

From Lainey Gossip:

And Pattinson has solidified his new super celebrity status as Summit successfully maneuvered their golden boy through Cannes this week culminating on the carpet last night at Inglourious Bastards where he received a very, very enthusiastic welcome. Some girl collapsed, fell to her knees, when his image was beamed up on the big screen. She was young though. Forgiveable. Thankfully no twi-hard adult lunatics, at least in my vicinity, decided to embarrass themselves.

I bet you guys didn’t know I was even IN France, much less at Cannes!

…Just kidding…that wasn’t me. But it would have been if I was actually there.

See the rest of Lainey’s post for more detail on Rob (more sexy pictures too!) and a hilarious account of his dinner with Emile Hirsch (who starred in Into the Wild, with K-Stew).


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  1. i’ve decided i don’t ever want to see Rob in real life for fear that i would do something truly embarrassing i.e. collapse, cry, scream, pee pants, or die. yea so Rob don’t ever come to Alaska. LOL

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