Q&A With THIS Twilight Blogger

Ana Cristina from The Danger Magnet has a cool side gig as the Miami Books Examiner. She has an awesome feature on her Examiner page of interviews with different Twilight bloggers over the age of 20. A few of my favorite fellow bloggers have been featured, such as Twitarded, Letters to Twilight and Ang (Amcas) from Why Not? Twilight, RPattz and Me.

This week, little old me was featured and I had a lot of fun with the questions Ana Cristina chose. Here’s a sneak peak:

Q. What are the pros and cons of being a Twilight fan over the age of 13?


1. Some people think you are weird. Really. When my best friend and I went to the midnight release of the Twilight DVD, we had some parents there asking us, “Why did you even read these books in the first place? You’re not bothered by being so much older?” Uh well, I wasn’t until now, so thanks! (I didn’t know until then that 20 was too old for anything!) All of the people asking the questions hadn’t read the books, so I could understand their puzzlement because I was the same way before I gave in and read them myself.  

2. You can feel a little silly going into Hot Topic every other week to check out the new merch. I thought I

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