Twilog Is Now On Facebook!

have finally done something I have been meaning to do for awhile and got us a facebook profile. It is under my name, but Jeremy and I will both be active on it with communicating with everyone and posting updates and such. Click on the Facebook badge in the right sidebar to go to our profile.

In addition to friending us on Facebook, you can also become a fan

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Most Extreme Twilight Product EVER! NSFW or Under 18!

I’m going to say this again. This post is extremly not safe for work, and anyone under 18 reading this right now, leave. Please. What I am about to post about is SO not appropriate, but still hilarious to me, and I have to share this with other adult Twilight fans.

So, one of my favorite places on the internet is It’s an online women’s magazine that discusses politics, pop culture, fashion, feminist issues, and of course, sex. I highly reccomend this site to everyone.

Anyway, today there was an article about creepy Twilight merchandise. The Edward Cullen Silhouette for your bedroom wall is a little creeptastic, I must say. But the second item is what really took me by surprise.

Y’all, there is a…

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