Rachelle Speaks Out: Update:Now With Summit Phone Number

I knew something was up with this. I knew she never would have accepted another movie role over Eclipse, contract or no. What the hell, Summit? Shouldn’t they know better than to pull shit like this by now?

From Access Hollywood:(I bolded the important parts)

Summit Entertainment announced the replacement of “Twilight Saga” star Rachelle Lefevre in the series’ third film, “Eclipse,” on Tuesday night – and fans weren’t the only ones surprised by the news — Rachelle was shocked as well!

“I was stunned by Summit’s decision to

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Rachelle Le Fevere Replaced As Victoria For Eclipse

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty bummed out about this news. I think Rachelle made an amazing and beautiful Victoria and I will miss her so much in Eclipse.

Bryce Dallas Howard Replaces Rachelle Le Fevere

Summit Entertainment announced today that Bryce Dallas Howard will take over the role of “Victoria” in the studio’s upcoming production of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. Actress, Rachelle Lefevre, who portrayed the character in TWILIGHT as well as the upcoming release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, will…

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Robert Pattinson Confirms Breaking Dawn Movie

Today is a busy day for all of us, Rob most of all. He gave an interview at Cannes to The Hollywood Reporter confirming he wants to do the assumed fourth movie in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. The article states,

Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter that he is committed to starring in the final outing to date but doesn’t know when backers Summit Entertainment will begin production because of the actor’s jam-packed shooting schedule.

He also said of his work on New Moon and Eclipse,

Dropping in on the Croisette on the way to shooting the final four days of “New Moon” in Italy on Friday, Pattinson said he is heading back to Vancouver in October to finish up “Twilight: Eclipse,” the third installment. In between, the British actor, who turned 23 last week, plans to star in “Remember Me,” which Summit also is producing. 

The script adaptation for “New Moon” beefs up his character’s role considerably — in the book, Edward is a “a voice in Bella’s head,” he said.

Said Pattinson, laughing: “You’re playing a figment in Bella’s imagination so I was trying to do it in a 2-D way. I hope it doesn’t translate onscreen as being boring.” The hardworking actor is taking a few days off after completing “New Moon” before the start of the “Remember Me” shoot. He plans three days off after an eight-week planned shoot for “Remember Me” before finishing “Eclipse” before October.

Wow. Eclipse in October. Rob is going to be keeping pretty busy for about the next 3 years, it sounds like.

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the Twilight installment, obviously, but I can’t wait to see Unbound Captives and Remember Me. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out how I can see How to Be. In the little clips I’ve seen, Rob does such a good job, so I’m hoping I can get a chance to see the whole film soon.

I’m extremely jealous of all you lucky bitches that live overseas. Y’all get first crack at Rob in so many ways.

More Pictures From New Moon Cast Party In Vancouver

Vancity Allie has blogged about seeing the cast at the Vancouver restaurant where the New Moon/Eclipse cast party took place. She managed to get a ton of good pictures, and even has a picture of Rob with the possible Eclipse script!

First up, Rachelle LeFevre arrived, looking gorgeous as always.

You know what she makes me think of? Ariel from The Little Mermaid come to life. She is stunning.

David Slade was spotted heading inside the restaurant later that night. I’m not sure how I feel about him yet. I heard about the radio show debacle he was a part of, but he apologized directly to the fans through the Lexicon, so now I’m more like, “Eh.” We’ll see.

Finally, the hotness we’ve all been waiting for. Vancity Allie says,

Rob spent a LOT of time outside on the patio with Kristen. Charlie Bewley and Ashley Greene would join them from time to time, but they surprisingly spent a lot of time sitting very close together in the corner of the patio smoking for most of the night. This is not some “gossip site” making it up… I saw it with my own eyes.

Hmmmm. Do Kristen and Rob have something to tell us? Here’s a picture of him smoking. Note the giant rolled up script(?) in his pocket.

Here’s another pic of Rob leaving and getting into the limo. You can see his ass…I mean the “script” better.

If that really is the script, good for David Slade getting everyone prepared as early as he can. Very organized. I approve. Since I know he’s done bloody vampire movies before, I’m looking forward to the big showdown at the end of Eclipse. That’s going to be something to see.

Check out Vancity Allie’s blog to see the rest of the pictures of the cast (including some of the Volturi) and read her account of meeting them.

Kristen and Rob Have Dinner In Vancouver

OK, so the rest of the cast, plus Stephanie was there too, but according to some tweets from Lainey Gossip, they headed over to the restaurant together and left together at about 3 am.

(Thanks to New Moon Movie for the screen cap of the tweets )

Socialite Life has a very cute picture of Kristen and Rob in the limo on the way home and their legs are intertwined. Do they love each other? Yes, I think they do!

Apparently this was a cast dinner to meet with David Slade, the director for the next movie in the saga, Eclipse. Stephenie Meyer also showed up, and here she is signing a book for a very brave unicorn (a guy who likes Twilight, nicknamed “unicorns” since they are mythical creatures rarely spotted in the wild).

That unicorn looks high, right? That’s probably why he had the nerve to walk up to her with his copies of the books in public. I don’t even know if Jeremy would do that.

Drew Barrymore to Direct Eclipse?

I have been reading up on my Twilight happenings (Google News keyword Twilight), and I can’t seem to escape this.  Everywhere has Drew Barrymore in the director’s chair for Eclipse.  I love Drew, and she is an excellent director, but I don’t see her as a good pick for Eclipse or any of the movies for that matter.  She is too lovable, and I don’t think she would capture the mood as well.

Why couldn’t we stick with a single director, expand the budget and keep the movies similar through the saga?

I am almost afraid to see New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  I’m scared they might be too different from the mood and feeling of Twilight.

~ Jeremy