Our New Moon Trailer Reaction Video

Finally, here is our reaction video to the New Moon extended trailer that was shown before (that piece of crap movie Summit is trying to up ticket sales to) Bandslam.

This isn’t like any other reaction video I’ve seen, with crying and screaming, but we were still really excited. I’ve put off watching this for days, and didn’t even get to see this in French like most of

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Fuck Yeah Fridays!

Fuck Yeah Friday! (8-14-09)

Yep, it’s Friday! You know what that means, another healthy dose of Fuck Yeah Friday to get your weekend started off the right way!

For those of you who are new, this is when I pick my favorite pictures, funnies and .gifs from the Fuck Yeah sites listed over…

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Update* Now With Seven Parts: Complete Video Of Comic Con New Moon Panel


I think the girl recording this was pretty excited, how about you?…

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I just did the loudest SQUEE EVER!!!!! I’m like crying right now! That first clip just killed me!!!

Ok trying to find some better video since I know that one is blurry.

First scene: The Bikes

Second clip: Italy

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Are Rob And Kristen…Holding Hands?

Uh Rob and Kristen? Do you guys have something to share with the rest of the class?

Clicky the link to see the picture bigger.

It took me awhile to actually figure out what the hell was happening back there behind Taylor and Kristen.  It actually took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that Kristen’s arm is the one covered in black, and she is going to put her arm around

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Comic Con 2009: Picture Post *Now With Full Video*


Guys, there are a ton of these so I’m going to put up a decent number and tell you where to find the rest. Thanks to ROBsessed for giving me a place to start!

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Comic Con New Moon Panel Post *UPDATED NOW WITH VIDEO*

We have a few hours yet. I’m told this will be streaming video live inside as soon as the doors open. Right now it’s just the outside of the building. Boring until you remember that Rob is in there, right THIS SECOND!

Just kidding. Still pretty boring.

Updates soon.


It is 10:37 AM CT as I post this, and it hit twitter that ET online will be live streaming the actual New Moon panel at Comic Con in about an hour. Stay tuned!

11:36- ET is having issues. People are pissed.

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