Ashley Greene Naked Picture Scandal

Yes, it’s true. There are some pictures of Ashley Greene in the nude floating about the internet today (They hit Perez Hilton first, but I’m not going to link to them for many reasons, least of all because I refuse to give him the hits).

I saw them. They don’t look photoshopped to me, and I’m pretty sure they are real. 

HOWEVER, call me crazy, but I don’t think this is a huge deal.

They are not explicit in any way. Just her standing there, sans clothes. There’s nothing even vaugely pornographic happening in them, and she is totally alone. The poses are somewhat similar to what you would see in a…

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Q&A With THIS Twilight Blogger

Ana Cristina from The Danger Magnet has a cool side gig as the Miami Books Examiner. She has an awesome feature on her Examiner page of interviews with different Twilight bloggers over the age of 20. A few of my favorite fellow bloggers have been featured, such as Twitarded, Letters to Twilight and Ang (Amcas) from Why Not? Twilight, RPattz and Me.

This week, little old me was featured and I had a lot of fun with the questions Ana Cristina chose. Here’s a sneak peak:

Q. What are the pros and cons of being a Twilight fan over the age of 13?


1. Some people think you are weird. Really. When my best friend and I went to the midnight release of the Twilight DVD, we had some parents there asking us, “Why did you even read these books in the first place? You’re not bothered by being so much older?” Uh well, I wasn’t until now, so thanks! (I didn’t know until then that 20 was too old for anything!) All of the people asking the questions hadn’t read the books, so I could understand their puzzlement because I was the same way before I gave in and read them myself.  

2. You can feel a little silly going into Hot Topic every other week to check out the new merch. I thought I

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Robsten: Take Three!

Anti-Robsten people, here is another post you will have to ignore. You see, as soon as I finished the last Robsten post, I realized there were a few things I had forgotten to mention. I figured I would have to wait for another opportunity to post about those things, since I don’t want the people against Robsten annoyed with me.

(Something I’m going to say here: I’ve noticed that a few people on either side of this “debate” take it way too seriously in their reactions and are extremely passionate in their opinions. That’s all totally all well and good, until people start insulting each other, and really don’t want to be insulted for posting on the pro side of this like I have been in the past, (I didn’t even approve the comments) so please forgive me if I seem hesitant)

Anyways, my opportunity presented itself in…

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Are Rob And Kristen…Holding Hands?

Uh Rob and Kristen? Do you guys have something to share with the rest of the class?

Clicky the link to see the picture bigger.

It took me awhile to actually figure out what the hell was happening back there behind Taylor and Kristen.  It actually took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that Kristen’s arm is the one covered in black, and she is going to put her arm around

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Dr. Carlisle Cullen IS Dr. Love

The other night I was watching one of the best movies of all time, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, with my sister and her boyfriend. He had never seen it, and of course that needed to be rectified right away.

When we got towards the end of the movie, where Sandy Frink (the school dork who had a crush on Michele) lands in a helicopter at the reunion, they played the Robert Palmer song, “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)”. Here’s the clip from the movie. The song begins at the 5:05 mark (but the moment at 2:04 is one of my favorite parts of the movie).

If you have never seen this movie, Netflix it now. You’ll thank me.

Anyway, as we were watching that part I thought, “Wow. What a perfect song for Carlisle. I bet someone has made a fan video for him on youtube with this song.” Lo and behold, when I check Letters To Twilight today, they have a post about the good doctor with this fan video included.

That one is pretty good, although watching it, I realized exactly how little he’s in the movie. I know it’s pretty much impossible, but can we have a decent amount of Carlisle in New Moon? That would be pretty great.

One song I think would be great for a Carlisle fan video is “Doctor Love” by Kiss. This is the song being used in all the Cherry Dr. Pepper commercials on TV with Gene Simmons. This song is now on my iPod. I also quickly looked for a Carlisle fan video with this song, but no luck.

This is the re-record for the commercials but if you kind the original, it’s pretty good.

The lyrics are pretty racy, so that’s why I think it would be perfect. “I got the cure you’re thinking of…” Oh, yes you do Carlisle. Yes you do.

See? Esme knows what’s up.

Kitty vs Mini Edward: The PPV Smackdown

When Jeremy and I had been living in the apartment about a year, he went out to check the mail. I sat at the table eating some cereal and glumly thought of school work. I heard him come back in, talking in a baby voice. It was puzzling until I saw what he was cradling in his shirt. A kitten! She was so tiny she fit in one hand.

We loved her instantly, and there was the dilemma. Of course I wanted to keep her. Jeremy wanted to as well, but we had never signed the pet contract for our apartment because we didn’t have the extra 300 bucks laying around.

We debated what to do for awhile. She was way too tiny to just leave outside and Jeremy would never let me name her, since he didn’t want me getting to attached (too late!) When he finally stopped talking like we were going to get rid of her, we had been calling her “Kitty” as a name for so long that it stuck. That’s all we know her as.

Kitty loves books.

Kitty loves books, just like her Mom (me)

Yesterday, while doing some tidying up around the house, I walked into the living room and was greeted with this:


“How adorable!” I thought. “She’s nuzzling him or something. How nice of her.”

 I grabbed the camera to document this Kodak moment. As I was snapping pictures to send to Jeremy at work (I know, I bother him with stuff like that all the time), she began to do this:


Yeah. She’s holding him down and biting on the mini E.C hairdo. I shrieked in horror and immediately rescued Mini Edward from her evil clutches. I checked him for and punctures or teeth marks, he was totally fine.

She was not pleased when I took away her new toy.


So, I don’t know who you can say won this round. I’m sure Mini Edward could have handled himself if I hadn’t stepped in. Mountain lion is his regular lunch, so Kitty would be no problem for him. Maybe he’ll have another chance to prove himself  sometime soon.

Oh, How I Wish I Was A Vampire

If you haven’t read the entire series yet, spoilers ahead!

When I read the Twilight saga for the first time, I found myself a little frustrated by Edward’s reluctance to turn Bella. I was completely on her side  throughout the entire series when she wanted to become a vampire.

It just made sense on so many levels. As a vampire, Bella would be relatively safe from all the harm from other vampires she was subject to as a human. Victoria would have had a way harder time trying to kill her, that’s for sure. The Volturi also couldn’t have had a problem with Bella knowing about the vampires, since she would actually be one of them. The most important reason, to me, was that if Bella was a vampire she and Edward could be together for, literally, forever. That was basically the only reason I needed to understand why Bella wanted to become one so desperately. When she finally got her wish (although I hated the way it happened), I was triumphant,  even though I knew it was the main conflict of the series and this happening meant it was over.

 Since reading Twilight, I’ve realized how many of my personal life problems wouldn’t even be an issue if I were one of the Cullen’s. No money for fun stuff? No problem, the Cullens are rich beyond my wildest imagination, so that would be no issue. In fact, having an unlimited amount of money with the smarts to always earn more would solve a LOT of problems.

Need to lose a few (more like 30) pounds? That’s cool, because as a vampire, you are instantly turned into the hottest version of yourself, and no more wondering how many calories are in your favorite sweets. You only need to consume cone thing to live, and that’s blood. As a vampire, you can’t get fat since you stay at peak physical condition, so exercising (which you wouldn’t even need to do for reasons other than recreation) would be no hardship.

I get frustrated when I have tons to do yet I need to sleep. What could I do with all that extra time that not needing sleep would free up? I might end up spending it like Emmett and Rosalie (heh heh) or like Edward or Carlisle, studying every possible topic in the world and earning several fancy degrees. Either way would be pretty productive.

Being a vampire just sounds pretty freakin’ awesome to me. Never getting sick, staying young and healthy with the ones you love forever, it’s a sweet deal all around.  Thanks to kdgrimmer from the hilarious blog I Love Mythical Creatures and All Things Twilight! for this totally adorable comic she posted on Friday.

Yeah, that’s totally me.

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