Bad (Maybe) Pictures of the Cast: K-Stew Edition

It’s finally time for Part Two in our Bad Pictures of the Twilight Cast series. Awhile ago, I did Rob, *ahem*…rather, I did A POST about Rob’s bad pictures. Now it’s Kristen’s turn to be scrutinized. I thought maybe some of you out there could use a break from all the Rob at Cannes coverage (btw, if you need a break from seeing hot Rob pictures and videos, seek therapy plz.)

OK, I’m going to be honest here. Kristen is so beautiful, it’s hard to find an actual BAD picture of her. Yeah, she looks a little gloomy in most pictures, but the “bish please” face works for her. So, as a result,  these are mostly going to be pictures that made me laugh because I thought they were weird in some way.

OK, so in this pic she looks a little cheery, carefree even. But what the F is she wearing? The main thing that assaulted my eyes were the God awful pants. At least I think they are pants. They could be shorts, and that makes them more horrific somehow. What are they made of? Leather? High wasted leather shorts that start right below her bra (and she is definitely wearing one since the strap is hanging out)? I’m completely confused by high fashion.

When I first saw this cover, it gave me a flashback to a random tidbit I read while trying to read/see/listen to everything Twilight related I could get my hands on. After I saw the movie, it was mentioned how they used hairpieces on Kristen so they could cut back on the time it took to style her hair. My first thought was, “They must have used A LOT of them.” because her head looks so flat here. Her hair is the second thing I’m most jealous of her about (first being the fact that Rob has a legitimate crush on her that he can’t stop mentioing in interviews, AND she gets to make out with him), but this is just not a good look for her.

Next, we all have seen this picture, and I for one never get tired of looking at it.kstewp

This picture was taken THE WEEK Twilight was released to theaters, and it is literally the first picture I saw of her after seeing the movie. I love this for so many reasons. First, that could be tobacco, but come on, we all know what’s in that pipe. She’s sitting out on a public sidewalk, barefoot with her boyfriend and completely oblivious to the fact that cameras are around. This is Kristen being real,and she has a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and I honestly love that about her. The reason it’s on the bad list is because, well, this didn’t endear her to a lot of people, including parents. This may have royally pissed off the studio, but this is one of my favorite pictures of her.


In case you needed anymore proof that Kristen likes to get blazed,  I present the picture above. This is another one that makes me smile.


This picture is from a big photo shoot she did way before Twilight was made. It was one of those “The Next It Girls” or whatever they want to call it that teen mags do every few years. Most of the pictures are really beautiful, but I take issue with this dress. It looks like someone vomed stomach bile all down the front (sorry for that disgusting visual).

Here’s another one I also just think is adorable. This was taken on vacay with her boyfriend (that’s him in the white shirt) and his family, and it looks like they are enjoying some karaoke. I would never have the nerve to get up in front of all those people and do that, and that’s why she’s the actress and I sit behind a computer all day.

This is the only one of her that can actually be called “bad” in this entire post.

This picture and more like it have been making the rounds since Lainey Gossip posted them earlier this week, amidst all the Rob in Cannes craziness. When I first saw them, I didn’t think she looked completely horrible, I just thought she looked like she had just woken up. My face looks something like this when I don’t get my beauty sleep too. Lainey says Kristen had been up late smoking and drinking, but who knows? I would kill to look like her on her bad days.

Finally, the “bish plz” face she is a freakin’ expert at making.

 I’m working on mine every day, hoping to have one half as good as hers. It’s always a good idea to have a bitch face you can pull out anytime you need it.

So this  concludes the Kristen edition of Bad Pictures of The Twilight Cast. I realize that most of these pictures are not “bad”, but just go with it.

I’m not seeing how I can do another post on this with any other member of the cast. Ashley Greene has probably never taken a less than perfect picture in her life, neither has Rachelle Le Fevre. The only person I could even imagine a post like this about is MAYBE Jackson Rathbone, because he has lots of funky 100 Monkeys band pictures and he recently got a Mohawk for a movie role. We’ll see.

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BAD Pictures of the Twilight Cast: Rob Edition

Yes, they do exist.

I considered doing a post about my favorite pictures of Rob and the rest of the cast, but I figured we’d be here all day since that list is never ending. But then I thought a post of pictures of them that I hate would be of a reasonable length, plus it’s just funnier. These are the pictures that, whenever I see them on random blogs or in a montage for a youtube video, I avert my eyes quickly and just pretend I never saw it. First I will do Rob (hahaha, I wish), then next week I will write about Kristen, Kellan and so on.

I’m going to apologize in advance for any trauma this post may cause you. I reccomend having the Vanity Fair or Entertainment Weekly photoshoots open in another tab to wash your eyes out.

We’re going to start with Rob, but I have a confession to make. Before I got into Twilight, before I read the book but I knew they were making a movie, I would read the gossip on the internet about it because I knew my mom was excited for it and I was looking for stuff to send her. I had seen pictures of Rob in these articles, but I…I didn’t think he was hot.

THERE. I said it.

It’s not that I thought he was ugly or anything, because I certainly didn’t. I just didn’t see what the big deal was. But also, I had only seen pictures of him like the ones at the Sex Drive premiere where he was looking slightly high and sweaty. I thought his hair was pretty cool, and he had an interesting face, but that was about it. It wasn’t until I saw him in action as Edward that I realised just how sexy he really is.

I said that because I want to make it clear that I am not like some of Rob’s fans who think that EVERY SINGLE THING he has ever done is TOTALLY HOTT!, and I can understand and laugh at his imperfections because he is human, like all of us.

So first, I saw this picture last night on Robsessed and it made me laugh my ass off. The link to the picture is here ( and the here is the actual picture.

This makes me speechless. How did he do that with his beautiful face? It’s like half his face is really happy to be there, and the other side is just like “meh” about it. There is no explanation for this. Was he unaware that a picture was being taken of him and his weird eyed friend there? That can’t be it because they are facing and looking at the camera, posing for a picture. Was he TRYING to make an ugly face as a joke? Because I am not laughing, Rob. (Oh wait, I actually am. If you follow the link and click on the picture, it gets way bigger and it had me laughing until I couldn’t breathe). No matter what the reason, Rob, please never make this face again, and all will be right in my universe. Kthanx.

I hate this picture so much, it actually pains me to look at it. His face reminds me of Robin Williams, which is very confusing for me to see when I’m ready to be feeling lustful from seeing a picture of Rob. It’s a little traumatizing to me. What makes me the maddest about this picture is I’m sure every other picture they took of him during this shoot was gorgeous. I mean, you have the most beautiful man alive as the subject and it’s pretty hard to go wrong with that, but they did. Like, what is he doing with his fingers in this picture? And the way his hips are like jutting to one side? Was he…dancing? If so, I need to make a mental note (Note to self, when Rob and I get married, there will be no dancing at our wedding. NONE). I don’t like this picture because it is a tad homosexual looking and even though there is nothing wrong with that, I just can’t bare to stand the thought of my precious Rob gay. It would be trauma I went through when Lance Bass came out times 1000.

I don’t get this. When I first saw this picture ages ago, it took me a few seconds of looking to see that there was a bow in there, and that it wasn’t just his hair all balled up. I was genuinely horrified and confused for a moment, but then I was like, “But wait…why… is there a…bow in it?”

This was the night of the VMA’s when I personally thought Rob was looking extremely hot. His hair and his outfit and the amount of stubble was PERFECT. But in this picture, he looks more like a zombie than a vampire.

That’s enough for now. Too many bad pictures of him will kill the soul. Here’s something for all of us to help with the pain.

There now. A GOOD picture from the VMA’s. I feel better.