I’m Trying To Play Catch Up!

Jeremy asked me to apologize to all of you, because he is the reason I wasn’t able to post today. Since he’s been out of town so much, he forgot to pay the Internet bill, and I was basically stranded alone in the apartment alone all day. I felt naked without my Twilight fix.

Anyways, after much bitching at unhelpful tech support people, I am back. I see that I have missed a lot, which is what I was afraid of. I’m going to be covering many things in this post so we can all be up to speed.

Ok first, in the adorable picture above, Rob is being auctioned off at a charity event while he was still in Cannes. The winners payed 20,000 dollars each for a meet and greet PLUS a kiss on the check from him. I have never in my life wished I was a lottery winner more than when I found out about this.

So hot PLUS humble. He’s pretty much perfect. Next, props and red clothed extras are coming together pretty quickly in Montepulciano, Italy, where the Volterra scenes for New Moon will be filmed. You can see all the pictures over at New Moon Movie. Here’s a sneak peek of the fountain they’ve been constructing in the town square.

Pretty cool. Apparently Rob is already there and Kristen, along with the rest of the cast, boarded a plane headed for Italy today. Rob left Cannes yesterday, but you can catch up on all the pictures and videos at Robsessed. The pictures with the blonde? Yeah, I’m just going to ignore those for the sake of my sanity.

One of my many, many readers (just kidding, it was my sister), sent me a picture mail while she was at the movies earlier.newmoonmovieposter1

I squealed when I saw this. She also reports that there was a crowd gathered around looking at it. I’m pretty pleased by this.

Coincidentally, I was at the movies later myself, and had another freak out when I saw the poster IN PERSON. newmoonmovieposter2

Yeah, it’s blurry. It was taken with a cell phone.

Well, I think that’s all the little things I can sum up. Posts are now back on regular schedule.

Rob Pattinson In Cannes: Day Two

I wanted to try and keep all this organized, but there is just no way to keep all this in chronological order. It’s like, Rob will go somewhere the first pictures will be released, then like 6 hours later, more pictures from the same event will turn up and it’s just overwhelming. I’m drowning in hot Rob pictures and videos (no one save me!). I will try to do the best I can and keep it as organized as possible.

I’m getting these pictures from anyplace I can find them, these next few are from Twilight Poison.

Ok, so Rob left his hotel this morning, freshly showered. Yummy.

Holy shit, he looks hot here. At first glance, I thought he and that woman (who I think is Stephanie Ritz, his publicist) were holding hands and a part of me died. Then I was extremely giddy to see that they weren’t PLUS he’s wearing the Nikes again! Oh, Rob’s grubby Nikes, how I have missed thee!

 Later he was completely cleaned up and wearing a tux at the red carpet premiere for Inglorious Bastards



(Source) On a totally unrelated note, this picture made me vom in my mouth a little.

To see more of the Rob pictures from today, follow the source links, and go to pretty much any website on our links list to the side. There are so many pictures, I’m not sure if any one place has them all.

As is has been for the past 2 days, more Rob in Cannes on the way.

Ro-bear In Cannes, First Day Wrap Up

Rob was spotted many times today at the Cannes Film Festival (can we just start calling this the Rob festival, because that’s all anyone cares about. Who else is even there?), and I decided to wait until the end of the day so I can get it all down in one post. First Rob left his hotel and had the photoshoot I wrote about twice earlier.

Then he was on Le Grand Journal, a French show Rob was interviewed on today. You can find the show here, and Rob appears in Part (or Partie, as the French say, which made me giggle for no reason at all) 2, and at about 8 minutes in he appears.  

Finally, here are more pictures taken of Rob all throughout the day. There are some on a beach and some where he’s getting out of a car wearing glasses that make him look like a sexy dinosaur (yeah, I don’t know what made me think that, I just do. He reminds me of a velociraptor from Jurassic Park in those pictures).

Enjoy! Let’s all hope tomorow is just as fruitful in Ro-bear-ness. (Oh yeah, I’m going to call him Ro-bear until he leaves Cannes. Fun times for everyone!)

These pictures are via Robsessed, who sourced to Socialite Life.

Licking his sexy lips

Licking his sexy lips

The next pictures are from x17.

It was this picture that made me think of dinosaurs, I think

To see the rest of the pictures and in full size, follow the links above.

Fifteen Minutes Of New Moon At Cannes?

Yeah, I’m posting that picture again. I love it so much.

Today, the Internet is a flutter because there is a rumor that Rob will present 15 minutes of New Moon at the Cannes Film Festival sometime tonight. The rumor came from an article entirely in French. The full translation, courtesy of Twilight Poison is:

Rob has arrived in cannes… sexiest than ever.

Like we said, Rob is in Cannes to make the promotion of Remember me during the film market at the film festival.
This morning, he posed for a photo call alone in front of the mediterranean sea. He honoured photographers and the pack of crazy girls with his beauty.

Notice that he made the travel for – surprise! The Twilight saga’s production unveiling tonight at 6pm, pf 15 minutes of New Moon!

Casual in this striped shirt and his black jean, the British actor was under the sun of cannes. He seems relaxed and he runned his hands through his hair like “really? it’s true? I’m sexy?” He was so cute. Editors of purepeople.com are girls who would like to taste him for their afternoon snack!

Tonight he will be at “grand journal” of Michel Denisot and walk up the step of the Palais des Festivals for Inglorious Basterds tommorow night!

It will be amazing, very amazing!

I know some of that is probably being lost in translation, but I laughed at, “He seems relaxed and he runned his hands through his hair like ‘really? it’s true? I’m sexy?’ He was so cute. Editors of purepeople.com are girls who would like to taste him for their afternoon snack!” Get in line, purplepeople editor girls, get in line. The end is WAY back there.

This is completely unconfirmed, so who knows if anyone will really get to see some New Moon clips early. If it does turn out to be true, I don’t think I will post the footage here. I’m like a few of you and I want to keep from seeing any of the actual movie before midnight on November 30.

We’ll see what happens.

Rob’s Cannes Photoshoot (Video)

To the person constantly screeching, “Ro-bear! Center please! Center please!” all throughout this video? You sir, are a dickhole. 

And what is up with that moment at  1:48? Are they flipping our precious Rob THE BIRD?! WTF, creepy paparazzos? Can’t get him to face you any other way? And then the booing when he has to leave? Horrible.

I will say this though. The man knows how to look fucking sexy as hell, even when a pack of morons are screaming at him and blinding him with flash. If anyone needs me, I will be watching this video over and over with the sound turned down, listening to this song with the video instead. It just made it about 1000 times better.

Robert Pattinson At Cannes Film Festival (May 19, 2009)

I fell asleep really late last night after all the dramz with the New Moon poster, so now I’m waking up trying to see all the new pictures and video from France. (Robsessed is a great place to see them all) There are a ton, and he looks gorgeous in every freaking one. The picture above is from last night when Rob went out the town (“Off in the night, while you live it up, I’m off to sleep.”) Of course , he is surrounded by security. If you watch a few of the paparazzi videos of him, you understand why. They are like rabid animals.

What the hell is that about? He’s already standing there, looking fine as hell and posing for your pictures. Why do you have to keep shouting, “Ro-bear!, Ro-bear!”over and over to get him to look your way? Chillax!

The pictures from that shoot were taken at the Majestic Pier and here are some of the photos. These are from Robsessed with credit to Pattinsonlife.

I’m so impressed with him. He look so calm and collected (and completely sexual) while they are screaming his name at him to get his attention. I also love the little boat floating by. If I had been on that boat, I bet I could have made the leap from it to the dock. Maybe. I would have at least tried.

Stay tuned for more pictures and video from France in the next few days. Check out the links above to see all the pictures and videos from the day so far.

Rob Done Filming In Vancouver, Headed to Cannes (May 18, 2009)

I went to bed last night anticipating today, all because these pictures were going to hit the Internet. I needed a Rob fix BAD.

These were taken at the Vancouver airport as Rob was catching his flight to France. Lainey Gossip has a decent amount of pictures and you can see them all at the link, but here are some of my favorites.

I’m thinking Rob STILL hasn’t changed his pants. That’s ok though. They’re a hot pair of pants. I spent way too long staring at them in the second picture.

Now I’m eagerly awaiting Rob at Cannes. Pictures and interviews are headed our way soon.