I just did the loudest SQUEE EVER!!!!! I’m like crying right now! That first clip just killed me!!!

Ok trying to find some better video since I know that one is blurry.

First scene: The Bikes

Second clip: Italy

via Watch New Moon clips here!


*Poster will be back at 7am so we can be fair to Summit*

It’s back!

I completely love this. Taylor looks so grown up! Dare I say, he actually looks like a worthy opponent for someone on Rob’s level. I also love how Edward is looking back (symbolism and foreshadowing!). The rust colored tint to the background really makes it stand out.

According to New Moon Movie, the poster leaked early because someone at the Washington Times uploaded the story with the accompanying image of the poster before they were supposed to, which was meant to be at 7am EST. They quickly took it down, but it was too late. Now it’s flying all over the Twilight fandom faster than anything I’ve seen before.

Just a reminder, pick up a paper in the morning so you can have a personal copy of this. I think I’m getting 2 or 3.

New Moon Set: Bella and Jessica At The Movies, Bella’s Awkward Date (May 1, 2009)

Yes! Let’s start this month off right! Vancity Allie has some AMAZING pictures from the movie theater set where they were filming the Bella and Jessica scene and the date Bella has later with Jacob and Mike.


This is a picture from when actual filming was going on. The movie poster they’re in front of was made just for this scene. Coolio!


The road is being sprayed so it looks like it just rained.


Chris Weitz, hard at work



Ok, let’s talk about this picture. Vancity Allie says they did a lot of shots of Taylor running away from the theater. I have to wonder what the eff this is for. This wasn’t in the book, at all. I don’t even know where they could be going with this. Maybe for a later dream sequence or something? We’ll see.

Entertainment Tonight New Moon Coverage (April 25, 2009)

Lots of posts coming. I take a break for a day, and everything decides to happen! 

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Now, on to day three of the ET coverage. This is the longest one so far, and even though they still used clips they’ve been using the whole time, I still liked it.

I’m liking the idea of more Edward. More Edward/Rob is always a good thing. I’m a little uneasy about the dreams Bella is going to have though. I’m just considering how this is going to play out.

 Who else loved it that Kristen got emotional just talking about the break up scene? I just wanted to scream, ” Hell yes!” because I feel like she isn’t going to let us down! She’s understands how it’s supposed to be!

Jacob/Taylor looks hot. I’m a little mad at myself for thinking so, but I can’t help it. When I heard him say, “You like me right? Better than that joker in there?” I squeed a little! But only on the inside though. I can’t be doing all that out loud, I’m Team Robward.


Chapter Discussions: Twilight, Chapter Six – Scary Stories

It’s way past time for another Chapter Discussion over Twilight. This time we are on Chapter Six, where Bella meets Jacob for the first time at La Push beach. These questions are from the Twilight Lexicon forums, created by user Alphie.

1. What was your initial thought about the fact that Charlie told Bella Goat Rock wasn’t a good place for camping? Did you wonder what else Edward might be doing up there?  

The first time I read the book, I thought it was a little weird. I didn’t know what he could be doing in such a bear infested place (but now I know why he brought Emmett!), and I thought that perhaps he had lied about where he was going.

2. How did you feel about Lauren and her open dislike of Bella?

I hated Lauren because I didn’t know what her problem was. Plus, it sucks when people are mean to you for seemingly no reason, or things that aren’t your fault, so I hated her on behalf of Bella.

3. What was your first impression of Jacob Black? Did you like him? Did you get the sense that he was interested in Bella as more than a friend? 

I thought Jacob was nice enough. I knew from listening to other people talk about the books that he was going to be an important character in the series because Bella would have to choose between him and Edward. I really didn’t see how that was possible, how such a thing could actually happen. I was more intrigued by his stories than anything at this point.

4. Why do you suppose Jacob didn’t believe the legends of his people as readily as Bella did?

Jacob didn’t believe because he’s never had reason to. He grew up being told these were just legends, and he’d never had any proof or reason to think differently. Bella certainly did. Jacob’s story was the only thing that fit with what she knew so far about Edward.

5. Given the fact that the stories about the “cold ones” were true, did you fully expect to see werewolves in the future books?

I knew they were already there, but since I’m a little slow to things like this in books, I don’t think I would have actually thought of that until it happened.

I’m re-reading Twilight, and I’m on this chapter right now. I forgot how many little hints and how much foreshadowing there actually is in these first few chapters. Even though I know what’s going to happen, I still get excited when I read them. I’m hoping to get New Moon soon (my copy was loaned out and never returned (*cough* Kaitlin*cough*) so I can go from Twilight to New Moon with no lag time. No waiting in between Twilight saga books = a happy Whitley.


Hello everyone. I’m back at home for now, but I leave again tomorrow. This work project is nearly done, we hope, so I should be around a lot more.

Here are my answers to these questions.

1. What was your initial thought about the fact that Charlie told Bella Goat Rock wasn’t a good place for camping? Did you wonder what else Edward might be doing up there? 

My initial thought was that Edward was going to be hunting. I already knew that Edward was a vampire because Whitley had told me before we even saw the movie.

2. How did you feel about Lauren and her open dislike of Bella?

I thought Lauren was a bitch and was glad she wasn’t in the movie.

3. What was your first impression of Jacob Black? Did you like him? Did you get the sense that he was interested in Bella as more than a friend? 

 I was sort of indifferent to him really. I was more interested in the story he told Bella because it was a dark story and I like those.

4. Why do you suppose Jacob didn’t believe the legends of his people as readily as Bella did?

Bella already knew something was up with that Edward Cullen character , from what she witnessed before. Jacob had no point of reference about Edward, so he had to reason to believe them.

5. Given the fact that the stories about the “cold ones” were true, did you fully expect to see werewolves in the future books?

I already knew that too (because of Whitley), but if I hadn’t been told, I probably would have expected it.

You guys can answer these questions yourselves in the comments, we would love to read your point of view. If you decide to answer them on your own blog, please let us know so we can link you.

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Hopefully I will be back home for good soon. I have more haikus coming soon too.


Why Is Twilight So Good? Part One

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve started reading Twilight again this week and now that I’ve had the chance to read the first few times for the joy of it, now as I’m reading, I’m trying to pinpoint the exact things about the book I liked and figure out why. I have a feeling that even this first part will be an epic post, so bear with me.

First of all, a little about me and my personality so you know where I’m coming from. I love to read. I learned how at an early age because my mom taught me before I went to kindergarten and I’m so thankful to her for this, I can’t even express it. It sounds so cheesy, but it really has changed my life. It is such an integral part of my personality, that I really should introduce myself as, “Hi. My name is Whitley and I love to read.” It is that important to me.

The benefits it’s giving me in my education are innumerable. I can actually spell and I have a decent size vocabulary, since I spend so much time looking at words. Because I read for pleasure, reading has always been a really fun activity for me, and as a result I don’t hate it so much when I have to for assignments in school. I actually loved it when we began to read the classics for English, because I had been reading them for years. I can also read super fast, and this is a double edged sword. It helps for stuff like school assignments, but sucks when I really love a book and never want it to end (I ended up reading Twilight for the first time in about 4 hours). Writing also isn’t as hard for me because I know what a story or essay was supposed to sound like, how the words were meant to flow together.

It’s one of the main reasons I decided to become a librarian. A library is automatically my favorite place on earth (they smell so good to me!) and there were reading contests at my local public library that I entered when I was a kid. I want to be a part of those, so other kids can learn how much fun reading is. I’ m even getting a little misty right now y’all,  just thinking about it, that’s how passionate (or dorky) I am about it.

What I’m about to say might make me sound like a bad person, but whatever. This is really how I feel. When I’m talking to someone and the subject of “What do you do for fun?” comes up, I mention that I read for fun. Sometimes I hear back from people, “Oh, I hate to read. It’s so boring.” When I hear someone say this, I really get sad. I feel bad for them, because I know they are missing out on such a great thing. I honestly believe everybody would love to read if they knew there were books out there about something that interests them.

Something that has always interested me is love. Even as a little kid, I loved love stories and fairy tales that involved it. Beauty and the Beast was and is to this day my most favorite story ever (and Belle loved to read too!). This hasn’t changed as I’ve gotten older, so a lot of the books I now own are romance novels, books of love poems, and classic love stories like Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet and Gone With The Wind.

When my mother first suggested last year that I read Twilight, I wasn’t interested in it at all. I had tried to read “teen” romances when I was younger and really didn’t like them. I also don’t really prefer science fiction or fantasy novels, so Twilight didn’t sound like anything I would be interested in at all. I even laughed at my mom when she would talk about how perfect Edward was, because it just seemed silly to me that someone would want to read about someone that there wasn’t even a chance could possibly exist (I should interject here that my favorite types of romance novels are historical ones, set back in different time periods, because I like to think that maybe it could have happened).

   I finally decided to read Twilight out of pure curiosity before I saw the movie. I just wanted to be able to compare when people were talking movie vs book. Obviously I read it and loved it. I totally surprised myself.

Looking back on it now, Twilight is basically the perfect book for someone to like me. I love romance (and who is more romantic that Edward Cullen?), and the inspiration for all the books in the series were the classics that I grew up loving so much. The fact that Edward is a vampire is, to me, not even that vital to the story. It is just another example of his extreme awesomeness and uniqueness. To be different, the story needed that extra kick to take it from boy-meets-girl to gorgeous-vampire-meets-totally-ordinary-girl-and falls completely in love.

I think the reason so many women in particular love this story so much is because many of us feel like Bella from time to time.  Her character is written so you can project yourself in her shoes. While I was reading, I actually felt like the events in the story were happening to me. So many of us out there (myself included) have wondered in moments of stress or boredom what it would be like if someone came along and totally changed things for the better. It’s nearly so simple, you don’t even have to think it out. Life sucks sometimes. Our jobs are horrible, we have issues with family, relationship problems and so on. Who hasn’t dreamed of someone that is amazing and perfect coming in and rescuing you from your life?

There are some very deep themes in Twilight as well, which I don’t think a lot of people realize when they are dismissing the book.  Twilight is about being alone in world, then finding the person who makes you finally feel like you aren’t. Take Bella for instance (since Edward is the obvious choice, but I will get to him in a minute). Before she met Edward, she really did feel like an outcast. She never related to anyone around her, not even her mother. She is unusual in that, she doesn’t even really care about this and doesn’t try to change it. Like I was saying in my post here, I admire Bella for not dumbing herself down and changing her personality in order to make friends. If she had done that, the story never would have worked, since her NOT doing it was something Edward admired about her too.

Even though he’s the obvious choice when it comes to the theme of aloneness, Edward is a perfect example of this as well. I don’t even have to go into why he felt so desolate, even though he had a loving family surrounding him all the time. He was also soul crushingly bored before he met Bella. Think about how you would feel when there were no more mysteries in life anymore. What if you knew what everyone else around you was thinking at all times and had a sister who could predict the future? I mean, what would you do? What would you think about in your spare time? Additionally, think about how Edward felt about being surrounded by by loving couples when there was no one he had that bond with. He had already pretty much given up ever finding someone, so he really had nothing to look forward to and forever to live. When people complain that Edward is too smothering towards Bella, I want to ask them if they have even read the books. I totally understand why Edward and Bella became so obsessed with each other. She was the first thing to stimulate him (heh heh) in about 100 years. After seeing all humans the same for a century, all of a sudden here is this girl who he can’t read, who he can tell is way more mature than any other human, and who also smells delicious. Of course he’s going to be fascinated. And of course Bella really has no choice in the matter, because how could she not be intrigued with someone like Edward who felt that way about her? (Hmmm….this is starting to remind me of imprinting)

Because I think I have pontificated long enough, I will do another post soon about the rest of my thoughts on this (I really shouldn’t have more, but I do).

Y’all I just wrote over 1000 words on why I love Twilight, and I’m not even done talking about it.  At least I got all this stuff out of the way.


Entertainment Tonight Promo Three

Ok, I’m grateful and all to ET  for getting all this good scoop and sharing it with us, but I do wish they would have put a little variety into these promo clips. I mean, didn’t they know that there are those of us out there that watch every single one? I don’t want to see the same into over and over again.

Anyways, this one is my favorite so far because you can actually see a scene being filmed between Bella and Jacob. On one hand, I wish it was a Bella and Edward scene, but I know that those scenes are going to be the most emotional ones, and I want to wait to see those until the movie comes out.

I’m sorry, but I’m having all sorts of issues with the cast’s hair this time. First Kristen had weird hair pieces, then they totally destroyed Jasper’s head (IMO), and now Taylor’s wig is looking so busted. Hopefully this is not too distracting but I’m betting it won’t be so bad when we see the movie. As long as they don’t mess with Edward’s hair, I’m not too upset.


I Need Help

I had to take my little brother Jacob to the doctor today and I was filling out some forms for him. I came to the spot for name and y’all, I had to stop myself from filling in “Jacob Black” instead of “Jacob (our last name)”

I called my mom to tell her and after she laughed at me for a few minutes, she told me, “You need a 12 step program.”

I’m inclined to agree with her.

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SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! ROB AS EDWARD FINALLY SEEN ON NEW MOON SET!!!!!!!!!!!!(April 10, 2009)

It’s 2 in the morning here. After seeing these, I’m now way too excited to be sleeping anytime soon!

LaineyGossip has a post of EPIC proportions. It shows picture after picture of Rob in full Edward mode (BTW, I’m sitting in bed next to a sleeping Jeremy, and I’m so giddy over these pictures I’m doing all my squees and giggles into a pillow so I don’t frighten him. He wouldn’t even recognize me right now) and a few of Rob and Kristen actually shooting a scene together!

This post will contain a lot of pictures, because these pictures are what I have been waiting for since they first announced they were making this movie. Also, I have to shrink these so they look good on this blog, but go to Lainey’s and clicky over there. They get bigger, WAY bigger!

*falls to the floor in a faint*

*falls off the bed in a faint*



OMG Robs arm!! The sexiest arm in the world!

The sexiest arm in the world




You can almost see his ass! *spontaneuosly combusts*

Robward ass! *spontaneuosly combusts*

Oh Em EE!!

Oh Edward, how I have missed you!

Oh God.

Kristen looks like she's swooning in this picture. I don't blame her






Even just the top half of his head is hotter than 99.9% of the worlds population

Even just the top half of his head is hotter than 99.9% of the world's population

And oh yeah…this kid was there too, but no one cared.

Go sit in the corner and let the big boys work.

Go sit in the corner and let the big boys work.



All the actors that play the humans were there too, but I’m going to keep this the sexiest post ever by keeping it mostly Rob/Edward. If you care, you can go to Lainey Gossip and see them.

Well, I suppose I should try to sleep now, even though I nearly had a heart attack over here. At least I know I have something to fuel some interesting dreams!

I wonder what scene was being filmed?


New Shots Of Kristen and Taylor Filming New Moon Scenes (March 31, 2009)

Lainey Gossip is a pretty good source for news and pics about New Moon and today some pictures went up of Kristen and Taylor doing a scene in what’s supposed to be considered La Push. 

I’m a little concered about the hairpieces they are wearing. Not Taylor’s really, his looks about as good as it did in Twilight. I mean Kristen’s. Her hair is two different colors.

 Ouch, that looks a little painful.

But how are they going to fix her hair? I’m sorry, but Bella can’t be having a two-tone head. That shiz will be seriously distracting when I’m watching the movie, trying to mourn Rob/Edward’s absence.

There are a lot more pics over on the link, but here’s some Taylor for all you Team Jacob crazies that check in over here (I say that lovingly).

And there you go. Kinda a butt shot in that last one. Enjoy that only if you are under 18. I can’t comment on it yet because I don’t want Chris Hansen with this printed post in his hand busting in my apartment.

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