More VMan Outtakes, No Rob This Time

I’ll admit, I’m pretty annoyed there were no Rob pictures in this final batch, but I’ll live. Taylor looks so freaking cute in all these I can manage.

These are from Radar Online and you can view the entire slideshow there.




When I went to tag this post, I accidently typed in Kellan Lust! Wow, what a Freudian slip!


Sexiest Outtakes Ever

Some outtakes from the famous (and it’s famous at my house, since it has been my favorite cast photo shoot so far) V Man photo shoot have been released and yes, they are really freaking hot.

The thing I love most about this photo shoot is that, no matter what team you are on, there’s a little bit here for everyone. Rob is the hottest, of course, but Kellan and Jackson also look pretty good, and so do Cam and Taylor.

Rob and that damn beanie. I’m pretty much shocked he isn’t wearing the Nikes as well. The beanie has it’s place, sure, but he looks SO much better without it, when we can see the sex hair.

What’s going on here? Are we doing the pledge?

This is the obligatory “Everyone make a shocked face” picture the photographer asked for. Some got into it more than others (*ahem* Taylor). I like to imagine the photographer said, “Picture hundreds of fangirls and Twi-moms running toward you right now.” Jackson’s reaction is very comical.

I’m sorry, my brain just melted. Hotness overload. Are there other things in this picture besides Rob and that look on his face?

You can see the rest and some of the old ones over on Radar Online.


Love This Picture!

Check out the photogallery at Im Not Obsessed to see the rest of the pics of Peter and Kellan pretending to read New Moon while at LAX airport.

Totally cute picture!


The Cullens Spotted Around Vancouver


Looking muscular

Looking muscular

Kellan, Peter, Elizabeth, and Ashley (who if you don’t know who they are, play Emmett, Carlisle, Esme and Alice in Twilight) were all seen in Vancouver this week, says (as always) Lainey Gossip. She seriously gets the best pictures.

Anyway, there are no Rob pictures here, so I’m a little hard pressed to care personally, but I know there are a few Team Emmett girls out there and he looks pretty delish in these pictures, if I do say so myself. Peter’s not looking bad either, although it’s still really hard for me to look at him and not be reminded of this:

Hehe. “Aman-DUH!” Ah, it gets me everytime. That’s one of the greatest movies ever,  BTW. So quotable.

Anyway, here are some more pics, and you can check out the rest in full size over on Lainey Gossip.


Totally cute!

Totally cute!

And the end of her post Lainey mentions more Twilight news and pictures coming soon, so hopefully there will be pictures of Rob. I think it’s pretty ghey pants that there weren’t any this time.


First Glimpse Of Cast On New Moon Set *Plus New Moon Movie Poster* (March 13, 2009)


Photos from the set hit the internet today of the cast taking a break as they do wardrobe testing and adjustment. They are trying out wigs on certain characters this time, Nikki Reed mentioned in a recent interview that dyeing her hair blonde made it fall out. Her wig is a little obvious, but it looks like Rosalie to me. Jackson’s wig looks pretty good, he cut his hair for another film, but I’m glad to see the sexy Jasper hair is back.

The first picture I saw of Taylor made me say, “Woah!” He’s looking pretty buff, but his wig looks…girly. It looks how I want MY hair to look. It’s got volume, bounce and shine!


It's kind of looks like he is shooting a laser out of his eyes!

And the character I was looking most forward to seeing…you know the one…Edward Cullen. He looks delicious (a little too heavy on the makeup though).


Those ever present Nike’s. I wonder if Rob will be wearing those in the movie, if he will make them an integral part of Edward’s style, like the pea coat.

New Moon Set Picture Gallery Here 

The Spoiler TV website also has a New Moon poster up. This looks a little fan made to me, but you never know.


Edward looks so conflicted, just like he should. I’m so excited for this movie already!