OK. Woah! *EDIT*

Woah. That’s all I can say after watching this, espeically from 2:19 on. It was sexy and scary at the same time. I’m not going to lie, even though that must hurt real bad, I wish that was me he had dragged to the floor like that.


Um ok. So Rob/Edward totally grabbed Kristen/Bella’s breast in that last scene. UNDER THE SHIRT. That is…I don’t even know what to say about it. Wow. Just…wow. That was the most erotic thing I ever seen in my life. Kristen’s boyfriend should just bow out gracefully after that. Geez. I’m fanning myself over here.

Where is this from? The DVD at Target?…Jeremy will let me get two copies of Twilight, right? *crosses fingers*


Deleted Makeout Scene From Twilight!!!!!!!!

I’m pretty irritated right now. I just realized they took down all the deleted and extended scenes from youtube, including the ones in my earlier posts. So that pretty much sucks because a lot of people have been finding our blog because they were looking for those.  To all those people, you can probably find them all still on youtube somewhere, but it seems like Summit is taking them down pretty quickly.

I’m also mad because the scene I have been waiting for has finally been released by Access Hollywood and they aren’t allowing the video to be embeded (or I’m just to stupid to figure it out right now, it’s 4 am here). But here is the link to see it.


This is a pretty sexy scene. If anyone stayed behind when they played the credits after the movie, you saw the part where Kristen grabbed him and pulled him down on the bed. However, I do not remember any carressing going on. He was RUBBING her thigh. I’ve watched the clip about 10 times just because of this alone.

Some people are saying they are glad this wasn’t put in, it was confusing. I say, I wouldn’t have minded being for confused for a while if I got to see this. They should have left in it because we all would have made the connection that it was a dream. A very sexy dream.

If I can eventually find out how to embed the video, I will post it here.


Another Reason March 21st Can’t Come Fast Enough!



"Be very still...I just want to try something."

"Be very still...I just want to try something."

I was checking some of my favorite celeb gossip sites before I took a nap, and y’all, I saw THIS:


I barely read the article. More Edward and Bella makeout scenes was all I needed to know! I didn’t think I could be anymore excited for the DVD to be released, and now I’m in total freak out mode!

The one kiss they did show was so sizzling, I didn’t even mind that it was the only one in the whole movie. I honestly felt I shouldn’t be watching it, I thought it was that intense. I can only imagine from which scene these were cut. The meadow (PLEASE, more meadow scenes WITH dialogue! We were screwed out of that), or were there more prom scenes? I need to know!

I’m also so excited for the Twilight Directors Notebook. We have a unused gift card to Target from a few Christmases back, and so I think that is what it will be going to. (You are ok with that…right Jeremy? You better be! I mean, pretty please?) Just so everyone knows, the next issue of Entertainment Weekly will have a sneak peek of the directors notebook, and also an interview with Catherine Hardwick. 

Now on to all the different versions of the DVD that are going to be released. I’m thinking Jeremy and I will be going with the Borders version, since I really want all those postcards and it’s not too outrageous of a price. If  we were millionaires (or I had a job, at least), we would be getting the one from Amazon, since it’s Blu Ray and it comes with the jewelry box, the soundtrack, the watch and a bunch of other stuff. But at around 70 bucks, I don’t know how many people are going to be paying for that.

What about the DVD are you guys looking forward to? Where do you like to get your merchandise?