Kitty vs Mini Edward: The PPV Smackdown

When Jeremy and I had been living in the apartment about a year, he went out to check the mail. I sat at the table eating some cereal and glumly thought of school work. I heard him come back in, talking in a baby voice. It was puzzling until I saw what he was cradling in his shirt. A kitten! She was so tiny she fit in one hand.

We loved her instantly, and there was the dilemma. Of course I wanted to keep her. Jeremy wanted to as well, but we had never signed the pet contract for our apartment because we didn’t have the extra 300 bucks laying around.

We debated what to do for awhile. She was way too tiny to just leave outside and Jeremy would never let me name her, since he didn’t want me getting to attached (too late!) When he finally stopped talking like we were going to get rid of her, we had been calling her “Kitty” as a name for so long that it stuck. That’s all we know her as.

Kitty loves books.

Kitty loves books, just like her Mom (me)

Yesterday, while doing some tidying up around the house, I walked into the living room and was greeted with this:


“How adorable!” I thought. “She’s nuzzling him or something. How nice of her.”

 I grabbed the camera to document this Kodak moment. As I was snapping pictures to send to Jeremy at work (I know, I bother him with stuff like that all the time), she began to do this:


Yeah. She’s holding him down and biting on the mini E.C hairdo. I shrieked in horror and immediately rescued Mini Edward from her evil clutches. I checked him for and punctures or teeth marks, he was totally fine.

She was not pleased when I took away her new toy.


So, I don’t know who you can say won this round. I’m sure Mini Edward could have handled himself if I hadn’t stepped in. Mountain lion is his regular lunch, so Kitty would be no problem for him. Maybe he’ll have another chance to prove himself  sometime soon.