THE KISS From Little Ashes

This is a clip from the scene in Little Ashes where Dali (Rob) shares a moonlit kiss with Lorca (played by Javier Beltran). This video is a little blurry, so I can’t tell if they are actually naked in the water. Trust me, I looked. I looked hard. I possibly strained my eyeballs in attempting this.

The music isn’t very loud, so I suggest watching this to R.Kelly’s “Bump and Grind” or The Divinyls “I Touch Myself ” (I live for the day someone makes a youtube montage of sexy pictures of Rob to this song) while picturing yourself in the other guy’s place.


Ummm…Robert Pattinson Is Naked (Kinda NSFW)


Yeah, that’s Rob. And he’s naked. And a very vital part of his anatomy is TUCKED between his legs.

 Oh goodness. Where do I begin? So obviously this is from the upcoming movie Little Ashes where Rob plays Salvador Dali. This is the movie everyone thinks is going to upset all the younger Edward fangirls because he plays *gasp* a GAY artist! Judging from the reactions to this picture already, I have to say it’s already happening. Apparently a lot of people are making negative comments about his body and how he’s “weird” for doing it.

Um ok. First of all? It’s called being an actor. That is what he does for a living! He is playing a pretty eccentric guy and I personally think it’s so admirable that he had the guts to do something like this. Rob has talked about this movie before (most notably in the GQ article) and he discussed how this was made before Twilight, and he never thought anyone would ever see this movie. It was never supposed to be…commercial, I guess is a good way to put it. The only reason we are all even aware of it is because of the popularity of Twilight. The people behind Little Ashes wisely decided to use that to their advantage. Rob went to a place where he didn’t know a single person and really put himself out there (or kept it tucked in) for this role.You won’t see someone like Efron taking risks like this for a while.

I don’t understand all the uproar over this picture. A lot of people are saying he looks fat. Umm…*looks at picture again, lingers on the tucked area before remembering what I’m supposed to be looking for * I see many things in this picture, and fat is not one of them. Like, where is it? I don’t see anything except the finest man alive naked. 

I’m going to get a little inappropriate here. Look away if you are offended by talk about a man’s pubic area.  

I note that his…um…magical forest (Thanks to Michael K from for the name. He uses that to describe Rob’s HEAD hair, I’m stealing it for the other area) is trimmed. That is pretty hot. I want to take my finger and run it down his happy trail to the…

 Sorry. Back to things that are not TMI

To all you people complaining: Shut it. Go back to crushing on the Jo Bros or whoever and leave the REAL MAN to the women who are mature enough to actually appreciate him.


P.S- Nothing against the Jo Bros, BTW. I love that song Burning Up!