Kitty vs Mini Edward: The PPV Smackdown

When Jeremy and I had been living in the apartment about a year, he went out to check the mail. I sat at the table eating some cereal and glumly thought of school work. I heard him come back in, talking in a baby voice. It was puzzling until I saw what he was cradling in his shirt. A kitten! She was so tiny she fit in one hand.

We loved her instantly, and there was the dilemma. Of course I wanted to keep her. Jeremy wanted to as well, but we had never signed the pet contract for our apartment because we didn’t have the extra 300 bucks laying around.

We debated what to do for awhile. She was way too tiny to just leave outside and Jeremy would never let me name her, since he didn’t want me getting to attached (too late!) When he finally stopped talking like we were going to get rid of her, we had been calling her “Kitty” as a name for so long that it stuck. That’s all we know her as.

Kitty loves books.

Kitty loves books, just like her Mom (me)

Yesterday, while doing some tidying up around the house, I walked into the living room and was greeted with this:


“How adorable!” I thought. “She’s nuzzling him or something. How nice of her.”

 I grabbed the camera to document this Kodak moment. As I was snapping pictures to send to Jeremy at work (I know, I bother him with stuff like that all the time), she began to do this:


Yeah. She’s holding him down and biting on the mini E.C hairdo. I shrieked in horror and immediately rescued Mini Edward from her evil clutches. I checked him for and punctures or teeth marks, he was totally fine.

She was not pleased when I took away her new toy.


So, I don’t know who you can say won this round. I’m sure Mini Edward could have handled himself if I hadn’t stepped in. Mountain lion is his regular lunch, so Kitty would be no problem for him. Maybe he’ll have another chance to prove himself  sometime soon.

Twilight Central, AKA Our Apartment

I just went around the apartment (and out to the parking lot) to take pictures of all our Twilight merch, and I will just say that I’m going to have to do something special for Jeremy when he gets home, like spend all day making his favorite meal or something because I just realized exactly how tolerant he is of me and this Twilight obsession I have going on. As you will see with this post, he is really, REALLY indulgent of me.

Also, please no emails or comments signifying your concern for me after seeing all the stuff I’ve been hoarding. I know, ok? I know I’m a total weirdo. I need Twilight rehab, but if there even was such a thing, I wouldn’t go. If loving Twilight so much is wrong, I don’t want to be right! (Sorry if some of these are blurry, I have a crap camera). CIMG2133 This is one of the three Twilight posters in our living room. The things hanging down from the ends are the Twilight dog tag necklaces from Wal Mart that I practically went through hell and back to try to get. Jessie and I are planning on wearing these to the midnight showing of New Moon in November. Jeremy doesn’t think so now, but he will be wearing one too.

Poster number 2 in the living room

Poster number 2 in the living room

CIMG2021 This is the third poster we have, incidentally the first one we bought. It’s sharing the wall with one of Jeremy’s Beatles posters. See? We can live together in *singing* haarmonnyyyy! Funny story, my mom came over not too long ago and scoffed, “What are all these Beatles posters doing in here?” like our entire apartment should be just Twilight. Heaven forbid I actually allow Jeremy to display his things in our apartment. Oh, my mom. She’s so silly.

Next, we move into our closet sized kitchen. Twilight even managed to find it’s way in here too. CIMG2140 I was at another Wal Mart in our area (not the one in our town, nothing Twilight related in that hell hole) and saw these in the dollar aisle. Of course I had to get all three. They’re collectibles! I haven’t even opened them to try the candy inside. I’m curious to see if the hearts are actually sparkly.

Then there is the refrigerator. As soon as I saw the magnet set at Hot Topic, I had to have it. I still think that was a cute idea, although they need to work on the quality. I nearly tore that Twilight text logo to pieces trying to remove it from the packaging. CIMG2141 Hey, wait? What is Edward looking at with such smoldering, sexy intensity? Who is that hot beautiful beotch that Edward can’t take his eyes off of? CIMG2143 Oh, yeah. That’s me! (and that’s one of my senior portraits. I don’t usually pose for pictures like that, in case you were wondering) I think you’re pretty hot too, Edward. In fact…I-

Sorry, I got carried away. In a way, having Edward on my fridge is a good thing. I go in to superfluously snack and Edward is there to distract me. Edward Cullen is my diet plan!

Ok, moving on. Lets head down the hall. CIMG2028 We used to just have that Monet print. Classy and cultured, right? Well, it was missing some Twilight, so I took care of that. Now it’s perfect.

On to the bedroom. This is where the magic happens (unneccesary MTV Cribs refrence!) Jeremy was even so gracious to even allow Twilight to permeate here too. Super sweet (and smart) of him. CIMG2148 This is my favorite Twilight item in the house. It’s the giant 5 ft (that’s 10 inches taller than me!) Edward Cullen poster. This is only available at certain Blockbuster stores, and luckily I found it at our local store on first try. I absolutely adore it. Jeremy even helped me hang it up! It fits in with the bedroom since our decorating “theme” in there is black and white. Plus, I was already picturing him in there enough (oh snap!), so I’m glad we made that happen.

This is my bedside table. That GQ cover is gorgeous and I have the interview Rob did behind the cover in that frame too. The funky looking CD is the Twilight movie score soundtrack (thanks Jessie!) and under it is the Twilight:Director’s Notebook (again, thanks Jessie!). The prints on the wall are pencil drawings of New Orleans (my family is Cajun) except for the eye drawing. I drew that in high school art class.

I really need to change my flowers, huh? I’m trying to keep up with that. CIMG2149 Now, lets step outside to head downstairs. On the way to the front door, this is what we see every day. CIMG2168 Those are the party favors I got during the Twilight DVD release party at Hot Topic in March. I promise, a post with videos and pictures from that night is coming soon. I’m having issues uploading the videos to you tube (i.e, I can’t do it), but stay tuned because that post is coming very soon.

Also, ignore the bratty message Jeremy scrawled on our message board before he left. He lashes out any way he can, poor guy.

On to Jeremy’s truck, parked downstairs. This is the full proof of his love for me, that all the world gets to see as we drive around. CIMG2130 That’s right. We represent every where we freakin’ go. Apparently though, Jeremy has caught some flack for these stickers at his job. When the Team Edward one was pretty new, his boss came in to the office and said, “You know what Jeremy? Team Jacob. Team. Jacob.” Jeremy was a little confused until he remembered. It’s a running joke among his coworkers, which I think Jeremy is pretty cool about. Can I just say again that I feel so lucky to have someone who loves me so much?

Then, we have all the little things that migrate around the apartment as I use and move them. These are the things I use frequently. First, because it’s the most important, the very laptop I’m typing on now. It’s a Dell Mini 9, and it’s so tiny I can take it anywhere. I even use this thing in the bathtub (I’m talented that way). I haven’t had this thing very long, but I feel naked without it. It keeps me connected to the Twilight fandom (and my other real life family and friends too, ya know) CIMG2161 The stickers came from Hot Topic and so did the Twilight band-aids. Jessie bought the band-aids and let me have a few for decoration. I owe her a lot (Love you girl!)

Here is my laptop background image, which I think you’ll find as sexy as I do. CIMG2159 In case you can’t read the print at the bottom, it says, “Hey girl, are you thinking of me when you’re with him?” It’s one of the many examples of Rob Porn, which is featured at Letters to Rob and many other places on my blog roll. I don’t remember the exact place where I got this one from, but if you let me know I will credit you.  

These are my keys. They are very loud. I can’t sneak up on anyone with these. The menacing black thing on my key chain is the holder from my mace. Jump back, pervs. I’m armed. CIMG2155 As I was taking that picture, Kitty came over to investigate.

My books and movies are just waiting around to be read/watched again. I have two copies of the movie. One from the Hot Topic party, and the other from Target so I could have that extra disc of goodies. When Jeremy and I finally join the rest of civilization and get an HD TV, we will get another copy of Twilight in Blu Ray. CIMG2164 I’m working on building my book collection up again. It’s smart to have a set for personal use, and another for loaning to friends who haven’t been indoctrinated yet. CIMG2166 Finally, the last thing for this post is someone the regular readers have been introduced to before. In a horrible accident, I ended up with Jessie’s Mini Edward along with mine, and they’ve been making friends until I can get him back to her. CIMG2153

Yeah, they’re besties.

Y’all, this isn’t even all my Twilight shiz. I didn’t even take pictures of all my T shirts or bags or buttons. This post will be continued. Give me a chance to build up my arsenal. I will certainly be adding to my collection in the next few months, especially since I’ve been doing lots of browsing on Etsy and E Bay.

Let us know in the comments, what is your favorite piece of Twilight merch? Anything you’re lusting after hardcore? Are you waiting on something special to hit stores?

Mini Edward in Tennessee, Day Two: Part Two and Day Three


After we left Graceland, we went to Sun Studios! Being such a fan of 50’s music, Edward was very excited!


Edward and I had a lot of fun hanging out in the same place where all the greats like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and of course, Elvis recorded music.


Edward wanted his picture taken with the picture of the “Million Dollar Quartet” they had outside on the side of the building. He fits right in!

After we left Sun Studios, it was time to go to the Heartbreak Hotel and get some shut eye before our flight the next morning. Edward had a lot of fun comparing hair-dos with Elvis


I do see a little bit of resemblence there, Edward! It’s cool, because it looks good on both of you!


The next morning, Edward did not want to get up (he wasn’t asleep because, duh, he can’t. But he was resting), but we had to because we were going to go sign the wall at Graceland


After he signed his name along with all the other fans, he decided to peek over the wall for one last look at the house.


Then it was one last picture by the gates…


and we went home our to plan out our trip for next year!



Mini Edward in Tennessee, Day Two : Part One

After we had our rental, we drove from Memphis to Tupelo, Mississippi to see the house where Elvis was born. 



Edward had a great time there. Then we went to the main attraction, Graceland! We were so special, we were part of the Elvis Entourage! We got front of the line access and got to see an extra part of the house. Edward was so excited!


He begged me to take his picture in front of the house.


Edward also really liked the decor around the house. It was totally his style!


There are two lions in this picture!

I couldn’t get any good pictures inside the house since they don’t allow flash, but here is Edward chilling out in Elvis’s backyard.


We both really wanted to jump in the pool that Elvis has gone swimming in, but we showed restraint.


Then, it was on to the trophy hall, where Elvis kept all his awards and now they have some of his most famous outfits.


I know, Edward! Elvis was such a sharp dresser, especially in his movies.


Edward, you would look so good in that. I love when you wear a tux.

After Graceland, we got to go see Elvis’s planes, including the one he named after his daughter, the Lisa Marie.


This post will have to be continued, because my camera ran out of battery then (I took about 400 pictures at Graceland!) so the other pictures are on my sister’s camera. Part Two coming soon!

Mini Edward in Tennessee, Day One

This morning, Mini Edward and I embarked on our first great adventure. We were taking not one, but two flights today to get to Memphis for my Elvis vacation. I had to wake up super early since our plane left at 5 AM (Edward was already awake because, duh he doesn’t sleep. Not at all.)

We began the trip to the airport at 3:30 AM. 


Edward had to endure my sister swooning over him, and she admired the pea coat too.


Once at the airport, we had to wait for our bags to be checked, and Edward was getting a little antsy…


Oh, you want to go check out the news stand and see if there are any good books? Ok, we can go see what’s up.


Oh my gosh, Edward! Look what you found! I know, I totally need it on my very scary first flight, but my mom won’t let me buy ANOTHER copy. It’s going to be just you and me. 


We are finally up in there air. I’m keeping calm by looking at the gorgeous sunrise and of course, Edward is there to help me out.


Thanks for the Sprite, Edward! It totally made me feel better!


No, no Edward. I don’t need the vom bag. I’m totally fine. But thanks for caring so much!


I’m fine because we’ve finally landed! YEA! No more plane flying today! Now off to the rental car place…


What? NO SILVER VOLVOS TO RENT?! I know, it’s such an outrage! But don’t let that get to you, Edward. We have a ton of stuff to choose from to do today now that we are here. What would you like to see?


I know, there is a lot to choose from. I guess we will have to see what tomorrow brings…


Off To Memphis and Packing For My Trip!

So I am going on a Spring Break vacation with my mom, my little sister and my little brother to Tennessee. We are taking an Elvis Presley vacation, so we are going to Tupelo to visit the house where he grew up, and of course Memphis to see Sun Studios and Graceland. Our flight leaves around 5 AM tomorrow, so I wanted to get one last post in before my 3 day absence. I’m taking my laptop along, but who knows how the Internet connection in the hotel is going to be.

I wanted to share the good news. I am now the owner of a POCKET EDWARD! (Now to be known as Mini Edward on this blog, since I don’t want to steal Lauren’s name for hers)


Jessie and I went to the mall and each got one. I was highly entertained, as I always am, by the misspelling on the packaging.


He will be coming with me on the trip, as this is my first plane ride ever, and I pretty much want to vom just thinking about it. I will pull my trusty Mini Edward out of my bag and think back to one of my favorite parts in Eclipse:

Bella: So let’s say my bad luck did crash the plane. What exactly were YOU going to do about it?
Edward: Why is the plane crashing?
Bella: The pilots are passed out drunk.
Edward: Easy. I’d fly off the plane.
Bella: Both engines have exploded and we’re falling in a death spiral toward the earth.
Edward: I’d wait ’till we were close enough to the ground, get a good grip on you, kick out the wall, and jump. Then I’d run you back to the scene of the accident, and we’d stumble around like the two luckiest survivors in history. 

Oh Edward. If only you were real.

This was the scene earlier as I was packing my carry-on bag.


Got my keys to be able to get back in my apartment when I get back,some clothes, my makeup bag including my Urban Decay eye shadows and my favorite lip balm, my wallet with my 20 bucks and driver’s licence, my phone and most important of all, MINI EDWARD.

I think I’m prepared.