Update* Now With Seven Parts: Complete Video Of Comic Con New Moon Panel


I think the girl recording this was pretty excited, how about you?…

via Twilog.net/Click here to watch videos


I just did the loudest SQUEE EVER!!!!! I’m like crying right now! That first clip just killed me!!!

Ok trying to find some better video since I know that one is blurry.

First scene: The Bikes

Second clip: Italy

via Twilog.net: Watch New Moon clips here!

Comic Con New Moon Panel Post *UPDATED NOW WITH VIDEO*

We have a few hours yet. I’m told this will be streaming video live inside as soon as the doors open. Right now it’s just the outside of the building. Boring until you remember that Rob is in there, right THIS SECOND!

Just kidding. Still pretty boring.

Updates soon.


It is 10:37 AM CT as I post this, and it hit twitter that ET online will be live streaming the actual New Moon panel at Comic Con in about an hour. Stay tuned!

11:36- ET is having issues. People are pissed.

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We got a lot of hits today because of all the Comic Con stuff happening today, and we continue to get high hits on this blog every day. Because of that, we made the decision to cross post here and at our main website Twilog.

Next up, what everyone wants to see…Comic Con!

Official New Moon Movie Website Up and Running

Picture via New Moon Movie   

Summit has the official website for the New Moon movie up here. You can grab the official widget and download wallpaper for your computer.

The site is looking bare bones right now, but more features are coming soon.

I’m Trying To Play Catch Up!

Jeremy asked me to apologize to all of you, because he is the reason I wasn’t able to post today. Since he’s been out of town so much, he forgot to pay the Internet bill, and I was basically stranded alone in the apartment alone all day. I felt naked without my Twilight fix.

Anyways, after much bitching at unhelpful tech support people, I am back. I see that I have missed a lot, which is what I was afraid of. I’m going to be covering many things in this post so we can all be up to speed.

Ok first, in the adorable picture above, Rob is being auctioned off at a charity event while he was still in Cannes. The winners payed 20,000 dollars each for a meet and greet PLUS a kiss on the check from him. I have never in my life wished I was a lottery winner more than when I found out about this.

So hot PLUS humble. He’s pretty much perfect. Next, props and red clothed extras are coming together pretty quickly in Montepulciano, Italy, where the Volterra scenes for New Moon will be filmed. You can see all the pictures over at New Moon Movie. Here’s a sneak peek of the fountain they’ve been constructing in the town square.

Pretty cool. Apparently Rob is already there and Kristen, along with the rest of the cast, boarded a plane headed for Italy today. Rob left Cannes yesterday, but you can catch up on all the pictures and videos at Robsessed. The pictures with the blonde? Yeah, I’m just going to ignore those for the sake of my sanity.

One of my many, many readers (just kidding, it was my sister), sent me a picture mail while she was at the movies earlier.newmoonmovieposter1

I squealed when I saw this. She also reports that there was a crowd gathered around looking at it. I’m pretty pleased by this.

Coincidentally, I was at the movies later myself, and had another freak out when I saw the poster IN PERSON. newmoonmovieposter2

Yeah, it’s blurry. It was taken with a cell phone.

Well, I think that’s all the little things I can sum up. Posts are now back on regular schedule.

New Moon Spoilers In Entertainment Weekly *Spoiler Pictures*

This picture just hit Twitter about 30 minutes ago via lion_lamb. I admit, I squeed aloud on seeing this. Bella and Laurent? Bella at the birthday party in a green dress with a broken vase behind her? BELLA AND EDWARD KISSING? My brain went into overload mode for a second.

Before you jump back from your computer and knock over several small children and maybe a few olds on your way to the store to pick this up, I have to tell you that this issue is not in stores yet. The one that is out now has Christian Bale on the cover, and next week’s should have Eminem, and that’s the one with the New Moon stuff inside. I think a few subscribers are the ones getting this, and if you are a subscriber to this magazine, expect it in the mail soon.

All I’ve seen so far are is this first page. If any more comes out, I don’t think I will post it. I’m trying to keep the spoilers to a minimum now that November is drawing closer. We can all wait a few days to pick up the magazine, which I will for sure be doing.

Also, how sneaky of EW not to even announce they were going to do this anytime soon. Trying to keep us on our toes, eh? I’ll be watching y’all.

THE Yellow Porsche and Other New Moon Props In Italy

These pictures are from Twilighters Italia, one of their readers sent in these pictures plus a video, which you can see at the link, of a stuntman dressed like Alice (allegedly this is the reason he’s wearing a scarf on his head and dainty gloves, but no judging from me. More power to him!) getting out of the car.

The translation from the Italian website is,

The big man you can see in some pictures is one of the stuntmen. He had an Alice wig, a bandanna, a couple of elbow high red gloves, and seemingly from far he actually looked like our loved little vampire/pixie.

Mauro secretly told us that there are two yellow porsche in Montepulciano, placed in different places of the town. As they were not exactly identical, one had yellow brake pad cover and another had them red, Production was willing to spend to the incredible amount of €5800 PER PIECE to have them all red!!!Luckily they found out a way to paint them, but this episode says a lot on how high is this movie’s budget!!!

The helicopter we told you about earlier, has kept low-flying whole day long filming aerial of the main square.. The fountain is not finished yet, so probably this was a rehearsal or shooting for the DVD’s extra-contents .

Thanks to New Moon Movie who was the first to report this. To see more of the preparation in Italy for the next leg of shooting, check out another one of their posts. 

Fifteen Minutes Of New Moon At Cannes?

Yeah, I’m posting that picture again. I love it so much.

Today, the Internet is a flutter because there is a rumor that Rob will present 15 minutes of New Moon at the Cannes Film Festival sometime tonight. The rumor came from an article entirely in French. The full translation, courtesy of Twilight Poison is:

Rob has arrived in cannes… sexiest than ever.

Like we said, Rob is in Cannes to make the promotion of Remember me during the film market at the film festival.
This morning, he posed for a photo call alone in front of the mediterranean sea. He honoured photographers and the pack of crazy girls with his beauty.

Notice that he made the travel for – surprise! The Twilight saga’s production unveiling tonight at 6pm, pf 15 minutes of New Moon!

Casual in this striped shirt and his black jean, the British actor was under the sun of cannes. He seems relaxed and he runned his hands through his hair like “really? it’s true? I’m sexy?” He was so cute. Editors of purepeople.com are girls who would like to taste him for their afternoon snack!

Tonight he will be at “grand journal” of Michel Denisot and walk up the step of the Palais des Festivals for Inglorious Basterds tommorow night!

It will be amazing, very amazing!

I know some of that is probably being lost in translation, but I laughed at, “He seems relaxed and he runned his hands through his hair like ‘really? it’s true? I’m sexy?’ He was so cute. Editors of purepeople.com are girls who would like to taste him for their afternoon snack!” Get in line, purplepeople editor girls, get in line. The end is WAY back there.

This is completely unconfirmed, so who knows if anyone will really get to see some New Moon clips early. If it does turn out to be true, I don’t think I will post the footage here. I’m like a few of you and I want to keep from seeing any of the actual movie before midnight on November 30.

We’ll see what happens.

Robert Pattinson Confirms Breaking Dawn Movie

Today is a busy day for all of us, Rob most of all. He gave an interview at Cannes to The Hollywood Reporter confirming he wants to do the assumed fourth movie in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. The article states,

Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter that he is committed to starring in the final outing to date but doesn’t know when backers Summit Entertainment will begin production because of the actor’s jam-packed shooting schedule.

He also said of his work on New Moon and Eclipse,

Dropping in on the Croisette on the way to shooting the final four days of “New Moon” in Italy on Friday, Pattinson said he is heading back to Vancouver in October to finish up “Twilight: Eclipse,” the third installment. In between, the British actor, who turned 23 last week, plans to star in “Remember Me,” which Summit also is producing. 

The script adaptation for “New Moon” beefs up his character’s role considerably — in the book, Edward is a “a voice in Bella’s head,” he said.

Said Pattinson, laughing: “You’re playing a figment in Bella’s imagination so I was trying to do it in a 2-D way. I hope it doesn’t translate onscreen as being boring.” The hardworking actor is taking a few days off after completing “New Moon” before the start of the “Remember Me” shoot. He plans three days off after an eight-week planned shoot for “Remember Me” before finishing “Eclipse” before October.

Wow. Eclipse in October. Rob is going to be keeping pretty busy for about the next 3 years, it sounds like.

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the Twilight installment, obviously, but I can’t wait to see Unbound Captives and Remember Me. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out how I can see How to Be. In the little clips I’ve seen, Rob does such a good job, so I’m hoping I can get a chance to see the whole film soon.

I’m extremely jealous of all you lucky bitches that live overseas. Y’all get first crack at Rob in so many ways.