Cast Pictures From New Moon Set (April 18,2009)

I decided to start dating these posts in the title, since so many pictures have been released and I want anyone who is reading the post to know immediately how old (or new) the pictures are.

These are from Vancity Allie, who camped out with a few friends in front of the set where they are filming all the Cullen house scenes, and she and her friends were really lucky because on the way back from lunch, the cast stopped to give hugs!

She says,

“We were cold, really cold. I wasn’t planning on camping out like that so I was freezing as I wasn’t really dressed appropriately (my hockey jersey and a mini skirt and leggings).

But we did it. We froze our asses off until 6 AM in the morning and wow, were we ever rewarded!


The teenage girls took off, and we were the final four. We were just about to give up hope when some headlights blinded us and a white SUV pulled up… but instead of screeching off like normal… they SLOWED DOWN!

We saw Peter roll down his window…

And believe it or not… Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Kristen Stewart (Bella), and Nikki Reed (Rosalie) in full hair and make up got out of the van! Peter said, “We just have to get out and give you girls hugs for waiting all this time!” Hugs all around. Kristen asked Amy how long we’d been there, and Amy said “10 minutes” at first and then eventually told her the truth. Nikki was just beaming… she looked great and her new wig looked amazing.

We were super excited to see they were in full hair and makeup, all dressed up in the new costumes for the Birthday Party scene!”

You can check out the entire story over at her blog. She also has video of Peter stopping and being so super nice. That was so cool of him and the others to stop and say hello and pose for pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here they are.





Pretty cool! Everyone is thinking this is when they were fliming the birthday scene, so these are the outfits we will be seeing on the big screen.

Also, Jackson Rathbone stopped by (anyone else always get confused? I’ve typed Jasper Rathbone before) and stopped for pictures as well. He was also sporting a new hairdo.


Ummmm…I don’t know how I feel about this. At all. Well, actually I do know I feel, but there’s no way I can be diplomatic about it.

I hate it.

I loved this:

This was hot to me! I was discussing this with Jeremy yesterday too, by the way. I was telling him how Jasper didn’t get hot for me until the baseball scene, and he continued to stay sexy through the rest of the movie. I didn’t think he was cute at all in the first half, and I think it was because his hair looked weird most of the time.

I’m very picky about guy’s hair. It’s the first thing I notice about them, and if a guy has sexy hair, then he’s hot in my book.

This, for example, is not hot to me:

His hair is like, too restrained or something. It needs to be free to roam whereever it wants. 

A lot of people that like the new look are saying it’s actually more in tune with his character, being from the Civil War era and all, he should have a bit more going on in the sideburns department (Oh Lord, the new sideburns look like mutton chops!), and his hairdo would be a bit more relaxed and natural.

I really don’t care. They already fucked up by showing me Jasper with sexy gelled hair in the first movie, and they should have followed through on that.

*stamps foot angrily*

Oh well. I’m probably judging too harshly. Jasper could look even sexier on film with this new look. I will let you know how I feel after the movie.


Rob Spotted On New Moon Set *Edit* Now With Kristen And Nikki Pictures


Peek a boo!

Peek a boo!

New Moon has a fan picture of Rob secretly trying to leave the Forks High School set in Vancouver.

I love this because look at Rob’s face, and then look at the bodyguard’s face. It’s like the entire emotional spectrum is represented here. Rob is smiling (a little devilishly, I might add!), and the bodyguard has decided he isn’t going to deal with any of this “fangirls” shit. Look how he has a protective hand on the door. He isn’t fucking around. Try to get anywhere near that car, and he will END you.

Yeah, this is pretty much one of my most favorite pictures ever now.


Thanks to Pillow Biters, we now have an extra picture of Kristen leaving the set, and even though she’s hard to spot, Nikki Reed is right beside her.


Kristen,Nikki and What’s-His-Face In Vancouver


Kristen, Nikki and her nobody boyfriend were in Vancouver for lunch this weekend. Look at her face as she looks at him. Almost like she wishes he was someone else…

Note the ensemble Mr.K-Stew is sporting. Seems like someone is trying a little too hard to look like this:

I see lots of similarities. Let’s make a list, shall we?

  1. He gelled what hair he does have to resemble the pure hotness that is the Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen Hair (It is THAT important, so it gets capitalized).  
  2. The messy scruff that on Rob looks extremely sexual, like he rolled out of bed with you that morning and he was so worn out from the nights activites that he was too tired to shave.  On Michael, it just looks like he’s trying too hard.
  3. The jacket and glasses that he went out and bought right after he saw that picture of Rob above. In fact, he just uses that entire picture as his fashion inspiration when he gets dressed in morning. Scruffy face? Check. Dark glasses? Check.  Messy, wrinkled Tshirt to wear under a button down and the leather jacket to complete the look? Check check.

Michael. No. Just no. You did a good job with your costume. In fact, you are wearing an outfit Rob would defintely wear himself, but you just need to stop trying. That kind of hotness cannot be copied. You fall so far short of the standard that Rob sets, even when he’s messy, that you just look a little silly. OK? So just go shave and take off the glasses, so I can stop laughing at you and go back to feeling sorry for you instead.


First Glimpse Of Cast On New Moon Set *Plus New Moon Movie Poster* (March 13, 2009)


Photos from the set hit the internet today of the cast taking a break as they do wardrobe testing and adjustment. They are trying out wigs on certain characters this time, Nikki Reed mentioned in a recent interview that dyeing her hair blonde made it fall out. Her wig is a little obvious, but it looks like Rosalie to me. Jackson’s wig looks pretty good, he cut his hair for another film, but I’m glad to see the sexy Jasper hair is back.

The first picture I saw of Taylor made me say, “Woah!” He’s looking pretty buff, but his wig looks…girly. It looks how I want MY hair to look. It’s got volume, bounce and shine!


It's kind of looks like he is shooting a laser out of his eyes!

And the character I was looking most forward to seeing…you know the one…Edward Cullen. He looks delicious (a little too heavy on the makeup though).


Those ever present Nike’s. I wonder if Rob will be wearing those in the movie, if he will make them an integral part of Edward’s style, like the pea coat.

New Moon Set Picture Gallery Here 

The Spoiler TV website also has a New Moon poster up. This looks a little fan made to me, but you never know.


Edward looks so conflicted, just like he should. I’m so excited for this movie already!