Rob At The Oscars: My Thoughts


He's so clean!

He's so clean!

7:25I just got home from Jessie’s house ( I had a fun weekend, bitch!) just in time to see the Oscars begin. Just in time to find out Rob was spotted on the carpet and I missed him. I saw the pic on Perez and all I can say is RAWR! He looks so hot, especially showered and shaved!

Vid of him walking the carpet, looking F-I-N-E

Here he is being interviewed by Ryan. Why did you acknowledge him, Rob? He said you had no personality! You should have pulled a Brangelina and snubbed him!

8:00- No Rob yet. The guy who won for Best Original Screenplay for Milk was very moving though. I kinda want to cry.

8:29- THEY JUST SHOWED ROB!!! But only for like 15 seconds! I scrambled for Jeremy’s camera phone and managed to start recording before he talked, I think.  He’ll be back, right? RIGHT?! That trick from Mama Mia was with him, not Kristen. A little boo to that. He looked so sexy and smoldering. Plus, I loved how they showed parts of Twilight for their montage of Romance in 2008. 

8:40- I hate Jessica Biel. She’s with my other husband, Justin Timberlake. Where was he? After her speech, they announced that coming up were two of the biggest young stars of 2008. Rob and Kristen? They wouldn’t show him twice, would they?

8:44- James Franco and Seth Rogan are hilarious!

8:54- WTF? Beyonce? That was a surprise. 

8:56- Double WTF? Zac and Vanessa? The girl from Mama Mia again with some guy? I’m not gonna lie, everyone sounds great. I love the part from “Over The Rainbow” at the end.

8:58- Heard before the commercial break, “Coming up, one of the biggest action stars of 2008.” Twilight can be considered an action movie, right?

9:08- I’m so glad Heath Ledger won. He totally deserved it. So sad and sweet. Everyone is trying not to cry.

9:25- So Will Smith is the action star. I totally love him, but where’s Rob???

9:54- Zac Efron needs a haircut. 

10:11-  The in memoriam part of these awards always kill me. Queen Latifah singing one of the saddest sweetest songs ever is making it so much more poignant.  A lot of people died this year. I’m a little surprised they didn’t include anything about Heath Ledger though. I wonder why.

10:21- Slumdog Millionaire won pretty much everything.

10:37- Kate Winslet made me cry. I’m glad she won. I’ve loved her since Sense and Sensibility

10:38- Adrien Brody? I would totally hit that. Even though he needs a shower and a haircut.

10:42- ROB! ROB! ROB! He was sitting right behind Mickey Rourke!! OMG he looked so freaking hot I couldn’t even look at the person the camera was focused on! The camera was perfectly situated so that he was right in the frame perfectly! He looked so serious, bored and tired at the same time! I wish I was his date. That 30 seconds of Rob closeup made all this time I’ve been sitting here worth it. Hopefully next year, Rob is nominated for a few of his own for Little Ashes.

10:55- OK so the Oscars are officially over. We were promised a Twilight presence “more than once”. What the H? Oh well, Rob looked delicious, and I’m pretty satisfied.