Rob Causes Woman To Faint At Cannes

From Lainey Gossip:

And Pattinson has solidified his new super celebrity status as Summit successfully maneuvered their golden boy through Cannes this week culminating on the carpet last night at Inglourious Bastards where he received a very, very enthusiastic welcome. Some girl collapsed, fell to her knees, when his image was beamed up on the big screen. She was young though. Forgiveable. Thankfully no twi-hard adult lunatics, at least in my vicinity, decided to embarrass themselves.

I bet you guys didn’t know I was even IN France, much less at Cannes!

…Just kidding…that wasn’t me. But it would have been if I was actually there.

See the rest of Lainey’s post for more detail on Rob (more sexy pictures too!) and a hilarious account of his dinner with Emile Hirsch (who starred in Into the Wild, with K-Stew).

Bad (Maybe) Pictures of the Cast: K-Stew Edition

It’s finally time for Part Two in our Bad Pictures of the Twilight Cast series. Awhile ago, I did Rob, *ahem*…rather, I did A POST about Rob’s bad pictures. Now it’s Kristen’s turn to be scrutinized. I thought maybe some of you out there could use a break from all the Rob at Cannes coverage (btw, if you need a break from seeing hot Rob pictures and videos, seek therapy plz.)

OK, I’m going to be honest here. Kristen is so beautiful, it’s hard to find an actual BAD picture of her. Yeah, she looks a little gloomy in most pictures, but the “bish please” face works for her. So, as a result,  these are mostly going to be pictures that made me laugh because I thought they were weird in some way.

OK, so in this pic she looks a little cheery, carefree even. But what the F is she wearing? The main thing that assaulted my eyes were the God awful pants. At least I think they are pants. They could be shorts, and that makes them more horrific somehow. What are they made of? Leather? High wasted leather shorts that start right below her bra (and she is definitely wearing one since the strap is hanging out)? I’m completely confused by high fashion.

When I first saw this cover, it gave me a flashback to a random tidbit I read while trying to read/see/listen to everything Twilight related I could get my hands on. After I saw the movie, it was mentioned how they used hairpieces on Kristen so they could cut back on the time it took to style her hair. My first thought was, “They must have used A LOT of them.” because her head looks so flat here. Her hair is the second thing I’m most jealous of her about (first being the fact that Rob has a legitimate crush on her that he can’t stop mentioing in interviews, AND she gets to make out with him), but this is just not a good look for her.

Next, we all have seen this picture, and I for one never get tired of looking at it.kstewp

This picture was taken THE WEEK Twilight was released to theaters, and it is literally the first picture I saw of her after seeing the movie. I love this for so many reasons. First, that could be tobacco, but come on, we all know what’s in that pipe. She’s sitting out on a public sidewalk, barefoot with her boyfriend and completely oblivious to the fact that cameras are around. This is Kristen being real,and she has a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and I honestly love that about her. The reason it’s on the bad list is because, well, this didn’t endear her to a lot of people, including parents. This may have royally pissed off the studio, but this is one of my favorite pictures of her.


In case you needed anymore proof that Kristen likes to get blazed,  I present the picture above. This is another one that makes me smile.


This picture is from a big photo shoot she did way before Twilight was made. It was one of those “The Next It Girls” or whatever they want to call it that teen mags do every few years. Most of the pictures are really beautiful, but I take issue with this dress. It looks like someone vomed stomach bile all down the front (sorry for that disgusting visual).

Here’s another one I also just think is adorable. This was taken on vacay with her boyfriend (that’s him in the white shirt) and his family, and it looks like they are enjoying some karaoke. I would never have the nerve to get up in front of all those people and do that, and that’s why she’s the actress and I sit behind a computer all day.

This is the only one of her that can actually be called “bad” in this entire post.

This picture and more like it have been making the rounds since Lainey Gossip posted them earlier this week, amidst all the Rob in Cannes craziness. When I first saw them, I didn’t think she looked completely horrible, I just thought she looked like she had just woken up. My face looks something like this when I don’t get my beauty sleep too. Lainey says Kristen had been up late smoking and drinking, but who knows? I would kill to look like her on her bad days.

Finally, the “bish plz” face she is a freakin’ expert at making.

 I’m working on mine every day, hoping to have one half as good as hers. It’s always a good idea to have a bitch face you can pull out anytime you need it.

So this  concludes the Kristen edition of Bad Pictures of The Twilight Cast. I realize that most of these pictures are not “bad”, but just go with it.

I’m not seeing how I can do another post on this with any other member of the cast. Ashley Greene has probably never taken a less than perfect picture in her life, neither has Rachelle Le Fevre. The only person I could even imagine a post like this about is MAYBE Jackson Rathbone, because he has lots of funky 100 Monkeys band pictures and he recently got a Mohawk for a movie role. We’ll see.

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Rob Pattinson In Cannes: Day Two

I wanted to try and keep all this organized, but there is just no way to keep all this in chronological order. It’s like, Rob will go somewhere the first pictures will be released, then like 6 hours later, more pictures from the same event will turn up and it’s just overwhelming. I’m drowning in hot Rob pictures and videos (no one save me!). I will try to do the best I can and keep it as organized as possible.

I’m getting these pictures from anyplace I can find them, these next few are from Twilight Poison.

Ok, so Rob left his hotel this morning, freshly showered. Yummy.

Holy shit, he looks hot here. At first glance, I thought he and that woman (who I think is Stephanie Ritz, his publicist) were holding hands and a part of me died. Then I was extremely giddy to see that they weren’t PLUS he’s wearing the Nikes again! Oh, Rob’s grubby Nikes, how I have missed thee!

 Later he was completely cleaned up and wearing a tux at the red carpet premiere for Inglorious Bastards



(Source) On a totally unrelated note, this picture made me vom in my mouth a little.

To see more of the Rob pictures from today, follow the source links, and go to pretty much any website on our links list to the side. There are so many pictures, I’m not sure if any one place has them all.

As is has been for the past 2 days, more Rob in Cannes on the way.

Ro-bear In Cannes, First Day Wrap Up

Rob was spotted many times today at the Cannes Film Festival (can we just start calling this the Rob festival, because that’s all anyone cares about. Who else is even there?), and I decided to wait until the end of the day so I can get it all down in one post. First Rob left his hotel and had the photoshoot I wrote about twice earlier.

Then he was on Le Grand Journal, a French show Rob was interviewed on today. You can find the show here, and Rob appears in Part (or Partie, as the French say, which made me giggle for no reason at all) 2, and at about 8 minutes in he appears.  

Finally, here are more pictures taken of Rob all throughout the day. There are some on a beach and some where he’s getting out of a car wearing glasses that make him look like a sexy dinosaur (yeah, I don’t know what made me think that, I just do. He reminds me of a velociraptor from Jurassic Park in those pictures).

Enjoy! Let’s all hope tomorow is just as fruitful in Ro-bear-ness. (Oh yeah, I’m going to call him Ro-bear until he leaves Cannes. Fun times for everyone!)

These pictures are via Robsessed, who sourced to Socialite Life.

Licking his sexy lips

Licking his sexy lips

The next pictures are from x17.

It was this picture that made me think of dinosaurs, I think

To see the rest of the pictures and in full size, follow the links above.

Rob’s Cannes Photoshoot (Video)

To the person constantly screeching, “Ro-bear! Center please! Center please!” all throughout this video? You sir, are a dickhole. 

And what is up with that moment at  1:48? Are they flipping our precious Rob THE BIRD?! WTF, creepy paparazzos? Can’t get him to face you any other way? And then the booing when he has to leave? Horrible.

I will say this though. The man knows how to look fucking sexy as hell, even when a pack of morons are screaming at him and blinding him with flash. If anyone needs me, I will be watching this video over and over with the sound turned down, listening to this song with the video instead. It just made it about 1000 times better.

Robert Pattinson At Cannes Film Festival (May 19, 2009)

I fell asleep really late last night after all the dramz with the New Moon poster, so now I’m waking up trying to see all the new pictures and video from France. (Robsessed is a great place to see them all) There are a ton, and he looks gorgeous in every freaking one. The picture above is from last night when Rob went out the town (“Off in the night, while you live it up, I’m off to sleep.”) Of course , he is surrounded by security. If you watch a few of the paparazzi videos of him, you understand why. They are like rabid animals.

What the hell is that about? He’s already standing there, looking fine as hell and posing for your pictures. Why do you have to keep shouting, “Ro-bear!, Ro-bear!”over and over to get him to look your way? Chillax!

The pictures from that shoot were taken at the Majestic Pier and here are some of the photos. These are from Robsessed with credit to Pattinsonlife.

I’m so impressed with him. He look so calm and collected (and completely sexual) while they are screaming his name at him to get his attention. I also love the little boat floating by. If I had been on that boat, I bet I could have made the leap from it to the dock. Maybe. I would have at least tried.

Stay tuned for more pictures and video from France in the next few days. Check out the links above to see all the pictures and videos from the day so far.

Rob In France (May 18, 2009)

There’s a lot going on today. I predict tons of posts because Twi-news is coming faster than I can type.

So about 5 seconds after I posted the pictures of Rob leaving Vancouver, I get on twitter to find he’s already arrived in France and there are pictures. Of course, I went to check them out and my crush on Rob has just been multiplied about 1000 times.

Why, you ask? I’ll tell you. Chest hair.

 Look at his chest hair. I don’t know about you, but that is on list of the top 5 sexiest things I have ever seen. Chest hair (on a guy only. Let me be clear) is like a secret weakness of mine. I like a lot of hair on a guy (excpet on the back, that shit is nast) and I don’t know why. I know it’s weird, and I feel weird about it, but I can’t help it.

So know that you know my strange preference, you have an idea of how delighted I was when I went to the link that Twi Fans provided and saw the picture above, supersized on my screen. Rob’s chest was nearly life sized and I got a good look at all the hair. I was in heaven.

At the Twifans link, there are a lot more pictures, but they are huge and it took me forever to resize that one, plus, I think these need to be seen in the biggest size possible.

Stay tuned for more Rob in France.