Rob Pattinson Out And About In California

These pictures are from Saturday afternoon, before he had dinner with the cast and a sexy rendevous with Kristen. He left a studio in Venice, California and was seen holding a CD and a script. Is it the Eclipse script or something for another movie? Rob’s a busy boy! Please tell me he has some of his own stuff for the New Moon soundtrack on that CD.

Stop the mother freakin’ presses. Rob isn’t wearing the Nike’s. He got a new pair of shoes! I mean, they still look like they came from the discount bin at the Goodwill, but they are new to him!

I’m liking this outfit on him. Pastel with plaid wouldn’t look as good on anyone else.

See the sexy gallery of the rest of the pictures at Just Jared Jr


Well, not really “PROOF”, it’s actually just “supporting evidence” on my theory that Rob and Kristen are sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

I’m guessing this was last night. Rob and Kristen went to see Sam Bradley play at a show for charity. They were photographed “canoodling” (that’s how tabloids always describe it right?) by some people who work for Lainey Gossip and PopSugar.


That isn’t the only picture and I’m really pissed because it’s not letting me save them. To see the rest, check out the slide show at the PopSugar link above.

****UPDATE*****I finally found the pictures I wanted to post so now I can actually post the ones I liked the best. I found these over at Robsessed, so thanks to them for these pics!


That is the luckiest beer bottle in the freakin’ universe right there.


Oh Rob. So drunky drunk, but I love you so. And what the hell is Kristen doing rubbing her ass all over that guy when Rob is like a foot away? She needs to move it over a few feet to grind on Rob instead. He looks like he wouldn’t mind much.

Ok, now the PROOF I was talking about. Just look at their faces.


See! SEE! I mean, they are practically making out right there. I know it’s a bar, and it’s probably loud but they don’t need to look into each other’s eyes like that to speak to each other. That last picture says it all to me. I just want to draw a heart around both their heads because they are IN LUURRVVVEEE!

Short of a sex tape, this all the proof I need to see they like each other. AND THAT’S OK! I know she has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean that she went blind. I mean, who wouldn’t have a crush on Rob? It’s like a law of psychics or something. If you spend a lot of time with him, you will love him.

I can’t wait to see this chemistry on the screen in New Moon. So exciting!

THE KISS From Little Ashes

This is a clip from the scene in Little Ashes where Dali (Rob) shares a moonlit kiss with Lorca (played by Javier Beltran). This video is a little blurry, so I can’t tell if they are actually naked in the water. Trust me, I looked. I looked hard. I possibly strained my eyeballs in attempting this.

The music isn’t very loud, so I suggest watching this to R.Kelly’s “Bump and Grind” or The Divinyls “I Touch Myself ” (I live for the day someone makes a youtube montage of sexy pictures of Rob to this song) while picturing yourself in the other guy’s place.


Sexiest Outtakes Ever

Some outtakes from the famous (and it’s famous at my house, since it has been my favorite cast photo shoot so far) V Man photo shoot have been released and yes, they are really freaking hot.

The thing I love most about this photo shoot is that, no matter what team you are on, there’s a little bit here for everyone. Rob is the hottest, of course, but Kellan and Jackson also look pretty good, and so do Cam and Taylor.

Rob and that damn beanie. I’m pretty much shocked he isn’t wearing the Nikes as well. The beanie has it’s place, sure, but he looks SO much better without it, when we can see the sex hair.

What’s going on here? Are we doing the pledge?

This is the obligatory “Everyone make a shocked face” picture the photographer asked for. Some got into it more than others (*ahem* Taylor). I like to imagine the photographer said, “Picture hundreds of fangirls and Twi-moms running toward you right now.” Jackson’s reaction is very comical.

I’m sorry, my brain just melted. Hotness overload. Are there other things in this picture besides Rob and that look on his face?

You can see the rest and some of the old ones over on Radar Online.


Rob Pattinson In Vancouver (April 20, 2009)

Rob, his Nikes and his sexy hair were walking around Vancouver yesterday and he was, unusually enough, looking pretty hot. I know, right? Rob never looks hot, so this is weird!

Here he is with some water, coffe and some kind of burrito for breakfast:

And here he is looking pretty James Dean in the black and white, standing in front of a sign:

And here he is reading one of the many sexy texts I send him throughout the day:

And then this is Rob going into some building:

I really do curse that sign being in the way. This could have been a PERFECT ass shot.

Check out the post at, (where else?) Lainey Gossip to see the rest. There are a ton more.


Taylor Lautner Pumping It On The Set Of New Moon (April 18, 2009)

Haha not really, he’s just working out. I bet I get a lot of views on this post because of the title though. Pervs. (BTW, to the person that found this blog by searching for “hot young girls” on wordpress, I just want to tell you I’m sorry. I can imagine how disappointed you were when you found your way here. The closest thing we have to porn is this, and while I certainly enjoy it,  I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly what you were looking for. A little tip though, perhaps wordpress isn’t the best place to be looking for stuff like that? Kthanxbai.)

Here are a bunch of pictures of Taylor Lautner working out in between takes on the New Moon set. Lainey says this is because he will be doing a few “topless” scenes, and he wants to be prepared.

There is also a fascinating video of him working out.

I’m not sure what all the loud noises in the video are, but I don’t appreciate them and neither does my cat Kitty. She got scared and ran away when I was trying to watch this and cuddle her at the same time.

There are a ton of pictures with the post, and I must say that Taylor looks pretty hot here. So hot that I’m going to finally tag a post about him with, “Sexy”. Now lets hope I don’t get arrested.

He looks mildly chipmunkish in this one, but thats ok

Ok. I died laughing at his face in this one. He looks just mildly chipmunkish.


 The hilarious picture above is going to stay with me awhile. I’m going to be sitting in class next week, just minding my own business and then this is going to pop in my mind and I will be in hysterics all over again, seemingly for no reason. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

Check out Lainey Gossip to see more pictures of Taylor working out (especially the chipmunk one! You’ll love it), and to see all of these in full size.

Where are the pics and video of Rob working out? He has to be shirtless too!


Well, Hello There


This is a very sexy picture of Rob from the promo tour for Twilight in Japan. It’s pretty much the hottest picture ever, I think.


Robert Pattinson: Outtakes Galore!

A lot of outtakes from some photoshoots Rob did last year were released today, and of course, he looks F-I-N-E as hell in most of them. 

Note that I said MOST of them. One of the photoshoots includes one of the pictures I used in my bad pictures of the Twilight cast: Rob edition post. Scroll down to the picture I said reminds me of Robin Williams (*shudder*) to see what I’m talking about.

Yeah, we are going to start with the not-so-good, so we still have the second set to use for brain bleach.

These are from Entertainment Weekly. I love this magazine. When I was a kid, I used to steal it from my mom’s room to look at the pictures. They are still taking gorgeous pictures, so I have to give props where they are due.

But I still don’t know what they were thinking asking Rob to do all these weird poses. Like I’ve said previously, there is nothing wrong with being gay at all, more power to ya and all that, but I don’t want to think of Rob like that (and I don’t mean that like I won’t go see Little Ashes. I’m currently on the prowl for a theater around here to show it). He to me is the epitome of sexy manliness, and I don’t want to see him doing all these ghey pants poses.

The entire gallery can be seen here. Go there and visit so I don’t get more emails from Coppermine saying I can’t use their pictures. That’s pretty ghey pants (Oh yeah, I say ghey pants now). 

Im the king of the world!

I'm the king of the world!

This one isn’t so bad. I kinda like it. Rob looks cute, and I love the suspenders. Idk, I’m weird.

OK, still good. But getting a tad homosexual with the crossed ankles.

Umm, ok. Still crossing the ankles I see. Rob. No. I feel like they should have switched poses. 

Hey bitch! I said switch poses, not act like your ass is glued to his hip and stare lovingly at his sexy jawline! That’s MY sexy jaw to admire! Back the F off.

I just...cant bear this *looks away*

I just...can't bear this *looks away*

Oh God. Here it is. The picture that really promted me to write that post. I hate it. I just do. I hate the pose he’s doing, with the popped hip and the wtf fingers, and his face here makes me think of Robin Williams, who is very nice and all, but not hot.

Geez. The photographer really must have loved that weird finger thing, because he’s doing it again.

And again…

And again. My Lord. I just don’t understand. That’s why I love this next picture so much. It’s like he’s thinking, “WTF, the weird hands again?”

You know, my hands can do other poses...

"You know, my hands can do other poses..."

OK, I’m so done with this photoshoot. Here’s one I actually thought was hot.

Work it

Work it


Hell yes. Do me with your eyes Rob. I love it.

Next, there are the outtakes from the VMan photoshoot. This is one of my favorite ones of all the cast, and it didn’t hurt that Rob looks absolutely delicious in it. I love the ones with the plastic vampire teeth!

This picture is pure Rob. Kinda dirty, scruffy, messy, cigarette hanging out of his sexy mouth, and he just doesn’t give a fuck. Loves it.

Did you hear that? That sound was my panties hitting the floor as I looked at this. I had no control over it, they just removed themselves of their own accord since there should never be a need for clothing around this kind of hotness. His hair alone is a work of art. Combines with the scruff, the eyebrows, those lips…*thud*

Another dirty Rob pic. He looks a little like the crazy hobo on the street, but somehow that’s sexy. I think he is the only guy on earth who could make me consider resemblance to the homeless hot.

So handsome. So serious.

I like it better when he smiles! Plus, he looks like he’s laughing here, and a guy who can laugh at himself is always hot.

Check out the rest of the album in the link above. There are 45 pictures of pure Rob-liciousness.



Hot As Hell Outake From Dossier Magazine

Yes, this deserves it’s own post. I think I found my new laptop background!


Dossier Pictures Without The Useless Pink Stars

I go to Robsessed anytime I need a pick-me-up, since they post Rob pictures and gifs daily. Today, I was ever so thankful to see they had the hot pictures from Dossier magazine, but without the stupid pink stars. Enjoy!

My mouth is actually watering. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tight pants

My mouth is actually watering. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tight pants


You need some chapstick? Cuz I'm wearing some...




I hope to be reincarnated as that cigarette

 Yes, you are totally welcome.