Kristen and Rob Have Dinner In Vancouver

OK, so the rest of the cast, plus Stephanie was there too, but according to some tweets from Lainey Gossip, they headed over to the restaurant together and left together at about 3 am.

(Thanks to New Moon Movie for the screen cap of the tweets )

Socialite Life has a very cute picture of Kristen and Rob in the limo on the way home and their legs are intertwined. Do they love each other? Yes, I think they do!

Apparently this was a cast dinner to meet with David Slade, the director for the next movie in the saga, Eclipse. Stephenie Meyer also showed up, and here she is signing a book for a very brave unicorn (a guy who likes Twilight, nicknamed “unicorns” since they are mythical creatures rarely spotted in the wild).

That unicorn looks high, right? That’s probably why he had the nerve to walk up to her with his copies of the books in public. I don’t even know if Jeremy would do that.

Knock Out Show Down: SK vs. SM

The other day, Crista, from The Snarky Sparrow, wrote an interesting piece on Stephen King, and more interestingly, his dislike of Stephenie Meyer.

This isn’t that shocking of a revelation, a good number of authors could criticize the lack of technical skill Meyer has.  What is shocking is an equally unimpressive and amateur writer by the name of J.K Rowling was given a warm welcome by Mr King.

“The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn” – Stephen King

Forgive me, if you will, but Meyer is on par with Rowling’s first 4 books.  And I would beg a critic to disagree.


via Snarky Sparrow, MTV News, Entertainment Weekly