Dr. Carlisle Cullen IS Dr. Love

The other night I was watching one of the best movies of all time, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, with my sister and her boyfriend. He had never seen it, and of course that needed to be rectified right away.

When we got towards the end of the movie, where Sandy Frink (the school dork who had a crush on Michele) lands in a helicopter at the reunion, they played the Robert Palmer song, “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)”. Here’s the clip from the movie. The song begins at the 5:05 mark (but the moment at 2:04 is one of my favorite parts of the movie).

If you have never seen this movie, Netflix it now. You’ll thank me.

Anyway, as we were watching that part I thought, “Wow. What a perfect song for Carlisle. I bet someone has made a fan video for him on youtube with this song.” Lo and behold, when I check Letters To Twilight today, they have a post about the good doctor with this fan video included.

That one is pretty good, although watching it, I realized exactly how little he’s in the movie. I know it’s pretty much impossible, but can we have a decent amount of Carlisle in New Moon? That would be pretty great.

One song I think would be great for a Carlisle fan video is “Doctor Love” by Kiss. This is the song being used in all the Cherry Dr. Pepper commercials on TV with Gene Simmons. This song is now on my iPod. I also quickly looked for a Carlisle fan video with this song, but no luck.

This is the re-record for the commercials but if you kind the original, it’s pretty good.

The lyrics are pretty racy, so that’s why I think it would be perfect. “I got the cure you’re thinking of…” Oh, yes you do Carlisle. Yes you do.

See? Esme knows what’s up.

THE KISS From Little Ashes

This is a clip from the scene in Little Ashes where Dali (Rob) shares a moonlit kiss with Lorca (played by Javier Beltran). This video is a little blurry, so I can’t tell if they are actually naked in the water. Trust me, I looked. I looked hard. I possibly strained my eyeballs in attempting this.

The music isn’t very loud, so I suggest watching this to R.Kelly’s “Bump and Grind” or The Divinyls “I Touch Myself ” (I live for the day someone makes a youtube montage of sexy pictures of Rob to this song) while picturing yourself in the other guy’s place.


One Of My Favorite Fan Videos Ever

I think this girl is hilarious, and I love the way she edited her video to show what she was talking about as she was talking about it. The screaming fangirls  around her make me laugh, but I’m going to be real with myself. I know if I was part of a big crowd and I knew he couldn’t see me acting a fool, I would totally scream like that too.

Watch the whole thing, the end is what makes me laugh the most!


Silly Fan Made Video

This is a fan made video I came across while browsing youtube looking for Rob related stuff. It made me laugh. (“Rob, I can have your babies!!”)

SUPER SPOILER ALERT!!!! *Extended Scenes From Twilight DVD!!!!!!!!*

So I just wrote that post about my reaction to one deleted scene without doing my research, and now I find out some extended scenes have been leaked. Thanks to the people at http://twicrackaddict.blogspot.com/, they have all been put together in one video up on youtube in one amazing incredible video.

I put a spoiler tag on here for those of you that want to wait and see these when you get your DVD, which I totally understand. But just to let you know, these are extended, not deleted scenes, so you aren’t seeing something you totally have never seen before, just slightly longer scenes you already have. But you you want to be completely unspoiled for your DVD, don’t watch the vid or read the rest of this post.

Without further ado, the video!

I’m just going to give my commentary for each scene in the order the video goes.

First, in the diner with Bella and her dad. They should have left some of this in, including the explanation of why Charlie eats at the diner all the time. This would explain Bella taking over the cooking at home, which was a big part of the book. I also liked Charlie talking about the Cullens, since some of the lines are straight from the book.

Next, when the bad vamps kill Waylon. This was only extended by a little bit, but I’m glad they left it out. Watching them bite him was a little cheesy to me. And while it was happening, he was moaning like…he was having sex (Try and get that image out of your head now).

Then MORE OF THE MEADOW!!!!!!!!!! Finally! It’s only a few seconds more, but I love it all. They definitely should have left this entire thing in. I watched from 5:18 to 6:37 like 5 times. Rob looks so hot, and they should never have cut any of his lines. Never cut any Edward, because he is the reason so many women paid to see this movie multiple times.

The Edward’s room scene is a good one too. Who else can make the emotion of bafflement look hot besides Rob? (7:10-7:13) I thought the journals thing was pretty cool, because I have kept journals all my life, even when I was in third grade, so imagine what someone 107 years old could write about? 

I am glad they cut the rain stick thing. Chinchilla droppings? WTF? But I love the moment at 8:39 when Edward is like embarrassed by his music choice. It’s so cute.

The last scene before the baseball game they should have left in too. Rob looks hot in it (and just so you know, that will always be a legitimate justification to me for anything) and it he was reading Charlie’s mind.

So all in all, I don’t feel bad for watching these. I’m even more excited for the DVD now by getting a little taste of what’s to come.


30 Days to Go…

There is still a little more than a month before the DVD is released (can’t the days go by faster?) and so I wanted to share with you guys the scenes from the movie I cannot WAIT to view on my own T.V in my own home, where I can rewind again and again, and press pause as needed (like in the sparkling scene where his shirt is unbuttoned!) These are all in order as they happened. Oh, and if you haven’t watched the movie yet and want to be surprised, don’t read this, obvs. I’m showing clips below. In fact, if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie and want to, you shouldn’t read anything on this site. I don’t want to spoil you.

First up on my fave part list is the first appearance of Edward (in the cafeteria, not in the woods during the first minute of the movie). When I saw this for the first time during the midnight showing, the excitement over this scene was very apparent. Everyone collectively squeed and broke into applause at the same time. If you didn’t go, this is how people were conducting themselves in a public place because of a glimpse at Edward Cullen. You might want to turn your speakers down.


Anyway, this movie clip isn’t the best since it cuts off before one of the good parts (the sexy scowl he gives when he notices Bella looking at him), but I’m still happy it’s on youtube for my enjoyment. Also, Jasper makes me laugh in this clip.

Next is the first biology scene, when Edward was all bugging out. This clip first begins as Bella walks in front of the fan, and the Edward’s reaction as Bella’s scent blew toward him was priceless. As they say on the LTR,  it looks like he…http://letterstorob.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/this-really-never-happens-you-can-take-my-word/ But let’s be serious now. Edward wanted to kill her and hated her on sight. My favorite parts are at :43 and :51. He looks so sexy when he’s angry! I also love when he storms out past her in the office.


Next up is the OTHER biology scene, when Edward actually speaks to Bella for the first time and they are lab partners. I love this part for so many reasons. First, that “Hello” he gives her just slays me. So polite (human guys, take note). I also love Bella’s reaction, amazed that someone so beautiful is actually talking to her, and not only that, but wants to know as much as he can about her. How she made it through class without melting into puddle, I don’t know. 

This particular clip is nice since it also includes the next best part of the movie, the van accident. I said in an earlier post that the chapter of the book when this happens is one of my favorite out of the whole series. I was really looking forward to seeing this in the movie, and I was not disappointed. I love the instant after it happens, when they both turn to look at each other with equal amounts of “WTF just happened?” looks (Rob also looks so freaking hot in this scene I can’t stand it).

This clip is a little shaky at first, and the entire time there is a guy with spiky hair (Edward?) at the bottom right.

Next is the second cafeteria scene where Edward tries to warn Bella away from him, saying one of the best lines EVER. “What if I’m not the hero, what if I’m the bad guy?” *SWOON* My mom had told me about this line before I had even read the book, and I was like, “That’s pretty hot.” before I even read it. It’s one of my favorite quotes from the whole series.

This clip kinda sucks because all I can find on youtube is the trailer that contained this clip.

Then there is the trip to Port Angeles, where Edward swoops down in his silver Volvo (now my dream car) and saves Bella. This was another part in the movie where everyone cheered out loud. I love this part because Edward is just so angry at the thought of Bella getting hurt, and I love when she tells him to put his seatbelt on and he laughs.

You know what’s next. The restaurant, the first date. Rob and Kristen do great in this one, and I love that Rob’s song “Never Think” is playing in the background. He reveals to her that he can read minds, (“Money, sex, cat”) but not hers. The part at 1:53 makes me want to cry because he’s so unhappy with what he is and he knows he should stay away from her, but he can’t  make himself do it. This scene is definitely one of the best.

Next up is the scene where Bella tells Edward she knows what he is. “Say it. Out loud.” I have a button from HT with that quote on it. This scene is great because Edward does pretty much everything he can to scare Bella away from him now that she knows, and she still doesn’t leave him.

We will not talk about the meadow scene since I was VERY upset at how we got jipped. There was a good chunk of the important dialogue between them missing. It’s a sore subject with me. Moving on..

My next favorite part is the baseball scene. If I had to choose, I would say this is my favorite part of the movie. I love the music, the action, the look on Edward’s face before he runs for the ball, all of it. It’s fun to see all the Cullen’s interacting as a family and having fun. I wish this scene had gone on longer, and the bad vamps didn’t show up until later.  Also, Jasper looks pretty damn hot when it’s his turn to bat. I know it’s going to pretty much impossible, but more Jasper in New Moon please? 


Y’all, I forgot to put in the kissing scene. I don’t know is wrong with me. How could I have forgotten it? Thanks to Unintended Choice for pointing this out to me!

It should be pretty obvious why this one is the favorite of nearly every fangirl out there. First he says, “I just want to try one thing. Don’t move.” Then it takes them…f..o…r…e…v…e…r to actually touch lips. This was a very well acted scene but I have to say, if it was me, there would be no acting involved. This kiss was very intense. I felt slightly uncomfortable watching this while sitting by my mom when we went to the movies. The part when he throws her down on the bed…there are no words for that. It’s pretty much the hottest thing I have ever seen IN MY LIFE.


Finally, the prom scene. Edward/Rob looks hot in a tux (like there would be any doubt). The music as they are dancing is so sweet, it reminds me of a song at prom in the 50’s. It’s so beyond romantic when he lifts her up so she’s standing on his feet so they can dance. I love when he fakes her out and pretends he’s going to bite her but instead kisses her throat *swoon* (this clip doesn’t show that part, idk why) and when he says, “Is it not enough to have a long and happy life with me?”

So hopefully these clips are enough to tide us over for a month. I’m also hoping Twilight will hit the dollar theater we have nearby soon. They will seeing me around a lot.


I Love YouTube…

…because it allows me to feed my Twilight/Robert Pattinson addiction by watching unlimited amounts of movie clips, interviews, and then the always amusing fan made vids. I’ve seen some really amazing fan vids, and I admire someone who can spend that much time and effort on it. I have no such patience, so I think it’s incredible.

Some videos make me laugh. A LOT.

The girl above has made several Twilight videos, but this one is my favorite. It’s so ridiculous and over the top. My favorite part, ” I didn’t really find you hot as Cedric Diggory/but think you totally make a wonderful Edward C.”. My sister and I walked around for weeks saying, “Edward Cullen/get your pants off!”

And then there are the ones I watch over and over and over, because Rob looks really hot in them.

I found that one on accident when I was looking for a video for the song “Goodbye and Go” by Imogen Heap. I’ve watched it about 300 times (just kidding…kind of…) and LOVE the parts at :30, and 1:16. I swoon every time.

This next video was the first one I watched over and over, because it’s so true, I DID squee! This was the video that convinced me they love each other and totally should be together (until he meets me, then she would need to BACK OFF!). But the chemistry between these two is so obvious. Watching this, you understand why her boyfriend is jealous. Poor guy. How do you compete with that?

Are there any videos that you love or think are totally crazy? Do you make Twilight vids for YouTube? Let us know and I will post them here!