Rob Has Been Spotted

Rob has finally been seen after Comic Con. He managed to not be photographed for 4 whole days, which I think is a record since Twilight was released.

This picture was taken last night with a fan outside the set of Remember Me in NYC. It’s good to see his sexy

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Robsten: Take Three!

Anti-Robsten people, here is another post you will have to ignore. You see, as soon as I finished the last Robsten post, I realized there were a few things I had forgotten to mention. I figured I would have to wait for another opportunity to post about those things, since I don’t want the people against Robsten annoyed with me.

(Something I’m going to say here: I’ve noticed that a few people on either side of this “debate” take it way too seriously in their reactions and are extremely passionate in their opinions. That’s all totally all well and good, until people start insulting each other, and really don’t want to be insulted for posting on the pro side of this like I have been in the past, (I didn’t even approve the comments) so please forgive me if I seem hesitant)

Anyways, my opportunity presented itself in…

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Rob Hug-Attacked In NYC Airport

As Rob got back into NYC at JFK Airport today, a fan rushed up and hugged/hung on to Rob as he was trying to leave. I think he took it pretty well…

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Update* Now With Seven Parts: Complete Video Of Comic Con New Moon Panel


I think the girl recording this was pretty excited, how about you?…

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I just did the loudest SQUEE EVER!!!!! I’m like crying right now! That first clip just killed me!!!

Ok trying to find some better video since I know that one is blurry.

First scene: The Bikes

Second clip: Italy

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Are Rob And Kristen…Holding Hands?

Uh Rob and Kristen? Do you guys have something to share with the rest of the class?

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It took me awhile to actually figure out what the hell was happening back there behind Taylor and Kristen.  It actually took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that Kristen’s arm is the one covered in black, and she is going to put her arm around

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New Pictures From The Summer House


As a break from the Comic Con craziness, some news from a Rob movie that isn’t in the Twilight saga. Finally, a picture of Rob that I just can’t stand.

I’m sorry but I hate this. When I first saw it, I didn’t even know it was him. This picture, me no likey. But the others are freakin’ hot…

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