OME! Over 400 Views!

Today we had a record number of views, 427 to be exact! That’s a WHOLE lot of views for us; our usual number is about 100, and it only recently got that high.

A lot of you are finding us doing searches on New Moon set happenings (in fact, even though it’s old, this post has been the top post every day for the past week).  I may be a little slow at posting about New Moon movie stuff, but I’m just as excited about this as you all are, and I promise I will keeping up with all that here, as much for myself as for you guys. To find all the New Moon movie happenings we’ve posted about, search for “New Moon movie” in our tags.

I just wanted to say hello to all the new readers, and let all of you know that comments are really appreciated, and we try hard to respond to every one we get! 

I hope you enjoy what you read here, and if love reading Twilight blogs (I know I do!), check out the blogs we have linked to. They are all pretty amazing and hilarious!


P.S – To show how much I care, here are some of my favorite Twilight gifs! (These came from photobucket. Enjoy!)






Thanks guys!


I’d Like To Thank YOU, All Of You Reading Right Now!


Mucho thanks to the always awesome blog Pillow Biters for giving us this awesome award! This is my first award for a blog ever and I’m super excited! I’m so happy that there are some people out there who want to read what I write, so thank you so much!

Once you win this award, you have to list five of your addictions and then pass it along to five of your favorite blogs.

My addictions are as follows:

  1. Twilight! (duh!)
  2. Spending time with friends and family (As I’ve gotten older, I get how fun hanging out with my mom is!)
  3. reading (We have about 7 bookshelves crammed in our tiny apartment filled with books I love, plus we always have a few hundred from the public library.)
  4. texting (I LOVE to text! If I have a spare moment, I pull out my phone, I can’t help it.)
  5. chicken (I would eat chicken every meal if I could. I will eat chicken any way it’s served to me except if it’s covered in onions because, ew.)

So those are my five major addcitions, and now I have to pick five other blogs to give this award to. Here are five of my personal favorites on our blog roll.

  1. Jessie’s Blog
  2. 86 Rabbit
  3. Random Acts Of Rob
  4. What The Forks
  5. Joeben Designs

So there you go! Check out  all these blogs (they are all Twilight related) and let them know how awesome they are!