Ok people. We need to have a talk. There are some of you guys out there who seem to think that every picture out there that has Rob’s face in it is actually Rob. I can’t blame you for this, it IS common knowledge that if there is a picture of Rob, his face will be in it somewhere.

But you have to also realize that there are tons of photo editing software out there now, Photoshop being the most popular, and that means that sometimes people will maniuplate a picture to make it look like it is of someone it isn’t.

So just so you know, from now on…

This picture isn’t real, and…

This picture isn’t real (but I wish it was, and Rob does too) and…

This is not an offfical movie poster, this is fan made. I understand why everyone thought it was, though. This is very authentic looking, so several news outlets saw it and reported it as a real poster for the movie. But, unfortunatly, it’s not. Also, these… (sorry it looks so wonky)


are not real either. I tried to find bigger sizes of these and I couldn’t, but you get the idea. That black and white one just makes me laugh so hard every time I see it. I can’t even imagine Rob in that position. Well, I take that back. I actually can, but just not in a situation where professionial photography would be going on. There would be some ametuer (hehe) photography going on for sure, but it would look nothing like this.

Ok, moving on. The picture below is defintely not real…


…and I’m pretty sure the guy who posed for it is gay.

And finally, I see this one around all the time. Again, I get why people think it’s real, and if I wasn’t a rabid Justin Timberlake fan, I would have too. But this picture isn’t real either.

It’s actually a picture taken of Justin Timberlake taken in 2007 for Entertainment Weekly.

You can see the full gallery of Justin pictures here.

Unfortunately, these shirtless pictures of Rob are real. (When I searched google image for Rob shirtless, I accidently typed in “Rob shitless” HAHAHA! I’m twelve years old, poop is funny! HAHAHA!)

I always feel uncomfortable when I see these. He’s so young here. I sure as hell wouldn’t mind if he posed like that now though. 

So, the next time you see a Rob Pattinson picture that is too sexy to be true (well, most of his pictures are), I mean something like full frontal nudity while wearing the Edward Cullen ray bans, check here first. If something like that comes out, and it’s real, I will defintely be all up on that shiz and post it here, with sources as to where it came from. 

If you have any really crazy photoshopped pictures of any of the Twilight cast that are so obviosly fake, let me know so we can laugh at them together!